the natural birth

I ponder while Baby Levy kicks, “Natural childbirth, it seems as a No Brainer!”

I am forced to sit and consider why so many women opt for the painless, the famous C-section.

I am also forced to sit and reason with myself if the hospital where I, we are being seen is the best place for us to bring our baby into the world.  CPMC.  High C-section rate, High Epidurl rate, No Doulas, One midwife?  Hmmm…

Pushing at my own pace, meditating if I feel like it, walking around the block with teh dogs while having surges, or being strapped down to a bed and told to push at the doctors request.  I’m still not sure about all of this.  More to consider.

Baby Levy do you have any thoughts on how you want to be brought into the world?