He is learning to sleep on his own. I know he CAN do it. Everyday we work together building his confidence and ability to sleep and be. Today’s progress was three naps on the bed with me next to him, holding him until hd fell asleep. Honestly, for today this is HUGE, he is out of my arms and I’m not doing the Pantly dance as I have been for the past five months. I came to realize that my wrist were going to break soon! He is weighing in at 26.5 lbs., my arm strength has kept up with his rapid growth but my poor tiny wrist, not so much!
Who knows what tomorrow brings but for today as I sit here and listen to him breath, and watch his belly rise up rhythmically I’m feeling secure and hopeful that soon he will have the confidence to curl up in his own, in his own time.

Note to remember: attachment parenting is more for me… He seems to be doing great.