a day off

I woke up feeling great, actually woke up without the boy’s alert, woke up on my own accord.  WOW.  

Then about 45 minutes later it began, crampy-achy aches!  Oh no, I’m being punished for eating that overly decadent chocolate cake!  I went to our bathroom floor which is heated and laid spread eagle hoping that the heat would help.  I wanted to cry, I hadn’t felt cramps since, well, LABOUR!  My husband offered to help with Tylenol, and a heating pad, I made it to the bed, and then he was off to work.  There I was with Adrian, who was laughing, talking, playing… and wanting MOMMY.  Totally helpless!

I prayed for nap time to approach, and when it came I quickly brought Adrian to me and snuggled up with him, an hour of rest is exactly what I need…  He drifted to sleep, I’m free to sleep! THEN, I kid you not within 25 minutes he woke up…  WHAT?  The day that I really need a bit of rest… He has no desire to sleep with me… this never happens!  Of ALL days today, Oh please, Oh please go back to sleep.  NOPE.  

I prayed.

The pain subsided.  Thank god.

Then I realized and became incredibly grateful as I picked up my son, to PLAY… that MOM’s don’t get a day off, we are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  As a full time mom there is no calling in sick, or taking a day off to go to the museum or taking a mental health day to clear my head. NO, as a full time mom I work, I’m on call no matter what.  I became grateful when I realized that I am not sick, nor do I don’t suffer from an illness, or that I have a mental illness that keeps me from the most important job of my life!  Oh yes, grateful indeed, just a little cramp, and yes by 2:00 it subsided, all is good.

I say three cheers for full time MOMs… and Dads!!!