Welcome to the Show.

I'm so glad you are going to join me!  

I record my conversations on SKYPE, unless of course we run into each other somewhere in the world, which is totally possible.  I ask that you sign into Skype a few minutes before to make sure that we don't have any tech glitches.  There have been days when the internet has not proven it's steadiness, if this is the case then we will have to reschedule.

I can be found on SKYPE at LOLALANEKENNEDY 

STEP ONE:   Schedule

I want this to be super easy for you.  Here is a link to my calendar, please select a date that will work with your schedule.  If there are no dates please skip to the next month, as my months do fill quickly.  I am in San Francisco, Ca USA PST please make note of that when you are scheduling. Thank you.

STEP Two: YOUR DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT to us and everyone else.  Please share.


STEP Three:   Our Conversation

Thank you for saying YES!  I want to make sure that we have a great conversation and really highlight your experience and story.  It's important to me that you feel comfortable while we speak, please let me know if there is anything in particular that you do not want to talk about prior to our conversation.

Our time spent together is meant to be comfortable, casual, candid and fun, although there is a loose outline of what we will discuss and some of these questions will be asked, we could get off topic, in which case I will guide us back to the questions for the sake of continuity. Please do not be offended or alarmed. My intention is for us to get to know each other, and share your expertise and offer the audience insightful experience.

:: TIP :: I have learned that the best conversations come from my guest sharing personal stories, so please feel free to indulge!   



Questions:  Here are some Icebreaker Questions to get us started (we will not go through all of them...)


  • what Does it mean to you to be a gamechanger?

  • What was a Game-CHanging moment in your life?

  • Who has helped you over the years, and now?

  • Let's talk disasterS... so we know you're human.

  • What have been your biggest fears that you have faced while on your journey?

  • How do you manage your time?  

  • What do you do keep it together?  Do you have a sanity safeguard? 

  • What is one Action that all of the listeners listening today can take to change their world?

  • Any guilty pleasures that help you in your life? 

  • Something that you would TELL YOUR 16 YEAR OLD SELF today?


If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to my assistant, Norlyn she can be reached at support@lanekennedy.com


STEP FOUR:  A Great Image is always helpful.

Please send us a High Res image for our posting purposes ((we will reach out to you upon your date selection to confirm)) it is great to have lifestyle shots, it could be you, or you and the family, you and your dog, you and your partner, you at the park, you in the hammock.  Simply you being you, is perfect... Thank you.  If you send a few that makes Norlyn VERY happy.  :) 

Your Bio is also helpful if you want us to include any key details, you can send that along as well!  ALSO if you are promoting something please let us know, or if you have an affiliate program that needs to be joined in order to promote your service or product please let us know.  


STEP FIVE:  What happens after the show?

It takes about three weeks for us to edit and put you into the calendar.  We will send you a link, including some tweets/or social posts when we are ready to have the show go live!  If there is anything that you want us to mention please make sure to let me know before hand, this way we can include it on your show-notes page!   

I can't wait to talk with you.  Thank you for being a part of the Experience.  I will speak with you soon.