Find Your Worth With Astrology

find Your Worth With Astrology

This episode I left totally raw and real, no edit, enjoy.

Here’s what’s inside this episode with Rhetta:

  • Expansion this month
  • Ending the idea of being ruled by a few
  • Self Love vs Self Care
  • Radical Acceptance
  • find Your Worth With Astrology

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INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPT (Transcription is not perfect.)

Rhetta: Hey, y’all welcome to the connected calm life. This is Rhetta.

Lane: Hey, Rhetta. It’s Lane. What up? Hey. Hi. Hi, welcome. I’m really happy to be talking to you about this juicy topic that we’ve been covering all month worth value and faith.

We’re gonna look at it. It is through the lens of astrology. I have no idea what’s happening, but a good girlfriend called me. Yesterday and was like, what is happening? I’m feeling it I’m like going crazy. And I, and I was like, I don’t know, red is gonna be on the show. So we have to listen to Reta and hear what’s happening.

Are we, are we coming into something?

Rhetta: Oh yeah, yeah. You know, the bigger weather transits, we’ll call it as yeah. You know, it is, and it is, I think that’s the best word for it. Talk about the weather. What we’re headed into. We’ve got two. I’m gonna talk about two big themes. Okay. So one is things are Rocky. find Your Worth With Astrology

Okay. Things are Rocky, but it’s, it’s Rocky to shake us into a new way. Mm. Right. So there are two. So within this theme, over here, the Rocky theme, we’ve got the old, the step artist quo. Let’s keep things just as they are. and it’s clashing with this energy of Uranus. That’s saying no, there’s a new way.

The old way wasn’t working. Come on, man. Let it go. And so we’re, we’re deciding. what, from the old, do we wanna keep and take with us into the new mm-hmm, and what do we need to let go of? Oh, and even in this there’s nobody and nobody knows what the news is. So it’s a little frightening. we’re just letting we’re going to let go of trust.

Mm-hmm have faith. There it is. Of what, or we’re moving to is where we’re supposed to move to. So I think we’re, I think that’s the big thing we’re feeling and we see effects of that. We see that in the news and it’s very upsetting. There’s a lot of upsetting stuff. So this other leg I wanted to talk about in of the weather is a lot of energy is gathering in Pisces.

Okay. Piecy we’ve got the two mystical planets, the mystical planet of Neptunes and Pisces. Jupiter’s gonna join it. Jupiter, where Jupiter gets somewhere, it expands and it brings gifts. It’s another, it’s the gifts. Yeah. And this one’s really, this one’s really I’m thinking, you’re probably feeling this a lot in your work because what’s going on here is saying to get to the new, we need to imagine it.

Mm. We need to drop into another realm, a different, deeper part of ourselves. And it’s, I think it’s also going to this. Energy’s gonna help us in our meditation get to deeper states. And if, as a collective, a lot of us are in meditation and we’re dreaming of this new way, that’s more peaceful. It’s more collaborative then. find Your Worth With Astrology

We’re co-creating it.

Lane: I like it. When does this, when does this go into effect?

Rhetta: So, this is both of those things that are happening right now. Okay. And they’ll be strong all year. Oh, good. All year. Yes. Now you, the mystical magical thing, the energy I’m talking about. It will, it’s, it’s strong right now, but it’s gonna peak.

Okay. He’s super strong at his strongest point. April 12th, April 12th. We’ll just keep that in mind. Maybe we’ll, we’ll be doing some things in the community around. Yeah. I think visioning and imagining and, you know, cuz anything that takes physical form, it has to first start in the imagination.

Yes, it does. Right. And that where, you know, we don’t, you know, if we want a more peaceful world, we want more equality. We don’t really know how, but if we start by imagining it mm-hmm, this is what we desire. This is what we’re working toward. I think that’s, that’s what I believe we’re called

Lane: Say I like where you’re going with this. And I think this really relates with like, well, I’m a huge fan of manifesting in that sense, not the woo, like, oh, I’m gonna but you know what we, what we think becomes our reality. Yeah. And, and that’s what you’re sharing about. With the astrological weather is that it’s, it’s our time.

We’re being called to dream up this new reality. And when I think about our values, let’s jump into our little values for a moment, because I think values are, you know, this inner drive, this passion, and like the direction in which we want and go, it’s an innate sense of our direction. And oftentimes what I find is that people are not.

In alignment with their values. They don’t even know mm-hmm just start there. People don’t know, but this would be a good time to. Tap into like dream up the values. Yeah. Like it’s, you can change your values. Mm-hmm right. You can reestablish the values say, so I’m gonna give an example as a child. I loved riding my bike.

I loved. Getting on the bike with the handlebar, with the little flat, you know, the little POM POM things, the banana seat. And I would just be like, go, right. So I had this huge sense of play and physical activity. Like I was motivated and over the years that has kind of dwindled, but that is still alive in me.find Your Worth With Astrology

And every once in a while, it’ll come out. But I think now is a time where I could use this PI in or this Jupiter, this expansion time to kind of go back into those values, really use that value to move me forward. Could I do that? Oh, absolutely sense of play the sense of motivation using those two values to kind of move me forward.

Rhetta: Yeah, and bring just more peace and its alignment, you know? Yeah. It’s what you were talking about. I think something happens in our life. We’re born kind of knowing what we value and like, you’re a little girl you knew. I love playing and I’m good at it. I’m a little streamer. I’m my hand of bars.

I’m going for it. And then, then stuff happens. We grow up. Society starts putting things on us. You know what you need to be happy. Is this? The thing over here or this title. And some of it might be in the family too. Like we really revered doctors. Everyone else is a, is unworthy, but if you’re a doctor, you are valued here.find Your Worth With Astrology

Right. Right. And so, so we start, we put these outside values on us and try to live up to those and it causes the. Imbalance we’re out of integrity. Yes. Because when the inner values don’t line up with the way we’re living outside. Yeah. There, well, it’s like you think of it like a tree trunk then it’s, you know, the tree has to be, has to have inner strength and outer strength to weather storms.

And it has to be a little flexible. Well, too. Mm-hmm but it’s When they’re not in integrity, it’s where it breaks. You can get a break. And that’s what, you know, I see when I’m working with a lot of people who hit, hit around midday, middle age, and they’re not working in integrity. And so they’re feeling that their job has, it’s almost meaning they’re a lot.

Life has no meaning. And so we go back to like, let’s find out what, what are those values? Mm-hmm, what do you value mm-hmm, and then astrology, where I would look in the chart is I looked, I will first look to the sun cuz the sun symbolizes what you need to feel alive. Mm-hmm and then I look at the planets near it. find Your Worth With Astrology

find Your Worth With Astrology

So. So I know right in your chart where that funny thing is and it’s and I start, like, I start making a list of what these planets say, and then let the, let you check off and remind you of like, oh, that’s right. So Somewhere I was going, but that’s how you build resilience is also what I think I wanted to say is when the insides match your outsides mm-hmm and we also need resilience right now during these really turbulent lines.

So that, do you think…

Lane: I love that. I love that you can look at the planet and we can make a checklist. mm-hmm, make a checklist and. Evaluate perhaps where we wanna go in life. Mm-hmm. So in this time, right now, the astrological weather is asking us to imagine a new realm for the members of the connected, calm life and women who are moving towards becoming more authentic in their being.

What I’m hearing you say is that now is a really good time to just pause. And consider how they want maybe the next phase of their life to be, and that could be in their work. Right? Like that’s some of the work that stuff that you do is around career stuff. That could be in their health. I know a lot of women mm-hmm right now are struggling with their health.

Yeah. It’s an, and it’s, I find it fascinating because we’ve been under this. Like the pressure cooker of COVID and we’ve been inside and eating and not really caring for ourselves. And now, perhaps now is a good time to, you know, use these values, you know, like mine is motivation, you know, like I know that I have motivation as one of mine but maybe I can use that value to propel me in taking better care of myself.

Is that could I visualize, like I’m gonna go out and I’m gonna ride my bike every day. Mm-hmm you…

Rhetta: know, like yeah. And then it’s fun making it fun, making it fun. You value fun.

Lane: I value fun has to be in my world.

Rhetta: Yes. Right. And that, you know, it’s what lights you up. It’s what gives you like a reason to get out of bed is, you know, there’s gonna be something fun happen today.

Yes. And so yes, it is a, it is a time to what I feel like all this, this cosmic traffic jam as we call it, this, all these planets gathering in PIs is giving us an opportunity to really go inward. Take a time out

Lane: long. How long is this time out?

Rhetta: Well, this energy is available to us

Lane: all year. Okay. Okay.

So it’s all year, but I don’t have to be inside. Like I don’t wanna be in investigating all year.

Rhetta: No, no, no. It means that if your meditation is every morning, it is for 20 minutes. Yep. It’s going to, this is gonna help you. Maintain that commitment. You’re probably, you’re gonna be able to get to deeper places in that, whether it’s 20 minutes or five minutes.

Yeah. Okay. It’s, it starts. It’s kind of saying this is available to us. You can also say, eh, I’m not gonna meditate at all. Leave me alone. That’s fine. You have free. Will you totally have free will? It’s just kind of saying this energy will be, be available. And, and, and I think also let’s say also, maybe it’s not meditating.

Maybe it’s being creative. Maybe you like to paint or dance or sing. And the invitation is to, is you do that right now. You’ll be able to get to a, a deeper place. And that, and I feel like if the universe is showing us this right now, during this heightened sense of chaos revolution, shake up, then it’s like, oh, but look, what else is happening over here?

It’s giving us this place. This energy of saying over here is where there’s calm. If you go within or you sit in nature or you create we’re gonna give you a little extra boost. Like when you go get your smoothie and you’re saying, gimme a boost of vitamin C your boost. And also, I mean, this it’s also about compassion. find Your Worth With Astrology

We’ll be seeing a lot of opportunities…

Lane: a really crazy time, honestly, you know, I, what was it like three months ago was like, I don’t know, what’s coming down next. And then we have a war, right? Like. It’s we’re not done. No. There is a lot coming and I think now is a time to really lean into the practices that we have and whatever faith that you have in, whether that be the faith in the universe, the stars, the planets, the ocean, right?

It’s a, it’s a time of. I keep going back to what you first said like going in and dreaming up a new realm, a new vision for our lives. And I, I think about like my son, you know, he’s 12 years old and he is just out in the world, like go mom. And I think I like, I forward trip six, seven years from now.

And I’m like, oh my God, what is the world gonna be for him? You know, I right now currently am. Visioning that world for him and I’m holding onto it. Like, I feel like I’m shaping it right now. And again, I don’t know what’s gonna happen astrologically or, like at the moment, but I have CLA more clarity around what I want to go for.

And so that helps me in my day-to-day life. It helps me with you know, keeping him. In, I don’t, for lack of a better way to say it in line, right? Like I know that I want him to go through school and I wanna keep him in school. I don’t want him to. Get in trouble. So I’m staying very present with him where before I wasn’t, this is like a new thing.

okay. Because during the height of COVID, I was like, I can’t deal with this. I just can’t even, I can’t visualize it. I can’t see it. I was so blocked and now I think I have been affected by this Pisces or Neptune or whatever it is. Yeah. To dream up his. New the new world that’s coming to us in yeah. Six, eight years.

But I don’t know. I don’t know what’s coming, but I know it’s not over. Like, there is still some. Heavy stuff that we’re gonna have to go through. Yeah. Am I right? Am I, I,

Rhetta: I, yeah, I think you’re right. We’re still in its things are breaking down. We’re still in this breaking down phase. Yeah. Yeah. And this is all cycles of life.

They have a new, a birth mid-season and then an ending. Wow. And there’s certain, certain cycles are ending. We’re seeing this ending of What’s being challenged now is this, you know, being ruled by the few, you know, this or only this certain group gets to say what’s happening and there’s a, there’s a real mm-hmm, shake up to that old way.

Yeah. And what happens is. Or what’s happening is it’s just gotten to a point of like, we’re not gonna take it anymore. The pain has gotten too, too high, so people are taken to the streets. People are taking action. And another action. Is this just what you were talking about with your son of visioning this future for him?

That’s I don’t know, peaceful, creative, collaborative. I don’t know what words you want for him. And then what steps? So I think imagining it, and then as if we imagine it, then what action do you take today that moves you toward that? Right. It’ll just happen naturally. And I was listening to this documentary and this, this beautiful man who represents the I think it’s the EOI.

I hope I’m pronouncing that correctly. And he talked about how his people would envision seven generations ahead. That’s what we need to be thinking about, where we do our planting, where we think about what we put into the environment, our bodies, et cetera, and that’s really a forward vision.


Lane: Okay. I love that so much. Can you imagine if we actually did that, can you imagine where the world would be? We, would not be. We wouldn’t be where we’re at right now. No, that we would be in a sustainable place. Yeah.

Rhetta: Yeah. And it, and what was so magical to me about that is to think that his, his people have been doing that for thousands and thousands of years.

And then, and. Yeah, it was lost. It was overpowered by something else. And now, now we’re getting smart. We’re looking back to like, oh, let’s treat the earth. Like it’s a conscious living entity. And you know, like how you’re visioning you being this mother visioning for your child like that. We’re all mothers.

How, if we’re visioning our earth in this way? Going off, on a climate tangent. Sorry. oops.

Lane: We’re going deep here, ladies. We are going deep, but this is, these are the conversations that we need to be having. And I think people are in a position right now where it’s, it’s overwhelmed. Right.

We’re all in this. Oh my God though. It’s everything is so heavy and it’s just too much right now. But these conversations that you and I are having and that we’re having in the connected, calm life are the conversations that we need to be having to ensure that we have a future. And I know that sounds deep and heavy, but if there is a move meant and I think there is.

There is an undercurrent movement of people that really wanna make a change. And we’re in that place right now where change can happen.

Rhetta: Yeah. Like with this. And, and I was gonna say if we’re feeling overwhelmed, which makes sense, especially, I think, especially for women, especially for women who have children and who have careers, it is a lot.

And So you can just start like start where you are, you know, like maybe doing the next right action for the world is actually taking care of your health. Yeah. What are you putting into your body? You know, how much are you resting? Self care, self compassion. Self love or some topics that have come up here before, like that, that matters.

That has a frequency as well.

Lane: Let’s let’s, let’s go right there because I have been thinking a lot about the self-care stuff. Mm-hmm and how is it self-care or is itself or is it self empathy, or is empathy involved? Because of this self-care situation, I feel like we’re starting to scold ourselves for it.

Like you should be doing this. Ah, okay. Right. Like I think there’s a, you know, okay, well COVID is over now. And so now I have to take care of myself, right? Like there’s a bunch of now it’s time to get the Manny petty. Does my hair look good again? And I just wanna say that. Self-care. I don’t, it’s like this label of self-care and the self-care industry.

It’s like a trillion-dollar multi-trillion-dollar industry that could be a little detrimental or harmful for women. Because we’re being told, you know, this, this, this, and this. So it’s, for me, it’s like, I wanna start changing that too. Maybe it’s about compassion for the self. Maybe it’s about perspective or empathy for women.

Yeah. Right. That’s what I’ve been a lot about. Yeah.

Rhetta: I was, that did come up for me too when we were having sent a conversation about that. And it did sound a lot, like.

More tasks we need to do in order to be presentable. Is that what we, or right? Cause I gotta tell you getting a Mandy petty is not relaxing for me. I feel like this is, oh God, I’m tethered to this chair. Super stressful. And you, oh, now you’re tickling my foot. Like this is, I’m not sure about this now after it’s done, I do kind of go, Ooh, look at my nails.

I feel happy. But I’m, I’m also listening to it, it’s probably Tara Brock. She’s, she’s my lady. I go too often and that the self-love could also be in compassion and, and I, I’m not so great with getting the exact right word, but the feeling of it is, is tied to kind of, I wanna call it like radical acceptance.

Yeah. Yeah. Love like loving how I am today. I’m tired today and it’s like, can I love myself when I’m tired? Can I be kind to myself and maybe this is compassionate empathy? And am I thinking about, okay, I’m going to, I’m gonna make another piece of toast right now. Is that because I’m bored? because I’m hungry.

Just kinda thinking of pausing a little, like those are. Those are, are some things I’m thinking of.

Lane: And I think that goes along with, I did an episode on Monday last, what was it? What was it on the 10th that dropped? Oh, I can’t remember. Now. Maybe it was last week. All the Mon all, they all blend in together, but I did an episode around just slowing down.

Recognizing, oh, I’m gonna make an extra piece of toast, and being okay with that. And just being an acceptance of where you’re at. Like you’re tired today. Okay. You’re tired. Yeah. And not beating yourself up about it. You know, I think that’s what, like having the faith to know that you’re gonna be okay.

It’s giving us this place. This energy of saying over here is where there’s calm. If you go within or you sit in nature or you create we’re gonna give you a little extra boost. Like when you go get your smoothie and you’re saying, gimme a boost of vitamin C your boost. And also, I mean, this it’s also about compassion. find Your Worth With Astrology

Mm-hmm that you’re gonna get through this moment and your life are exactly how it’s supposed to be.

Rhetta: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think that is, and that it’s, it’s their waves. We have ups and downs. Not always, not always performing at my optimal. And what is that anyway? You know, it’s really just an average. I don’t know what that is.

And yeah, it is this sort of slowing down a, mindfulness, maybe that is, and you know, it’s this inner dialogue that’s who I’ve been working with, who are these people? This committee. You know, I’ve got a producer in here blowing a whistle. You need to get a few more things done. And I I’ve, fortunately, I, I have the space to talk.

I talk aloud to these people. I got my producer and got the critic. I’m like, okay.

Lane: It’s so much better when you can talk to them. Yeah. The committee out loud. See, I have a partner and he would be like, what is happening to you? But when he is gone, I am talking to them.

Rhetta: yeah. I’m talking about it, thank you for your feedback.

I’ve got, someone’s really cautious, really worried about everything I’m about to do. And I’d say thank you. Safety patrol. Call her. Thank you. Safety patrol. Thank you for loving me and caring about this mistake. I, you think I’m about to make or in productivity coach, think I’m not doing enough and to just say, well, today this is what I’m, this is all I’m gonna do for today.

And, it does take, it takes some of the staying out of it, the weight of it if I can. And yeah, you know, I don’t have a, certainly don’t have a perfect equation or answer for it. But it is.

Lane: But I think that’s in being comfortable with yourself, right? Being able to drop into your values and say, I, I can talk to the committee.

It’s okay. You know, that’s a beautiful place to be in your life. And I think this PI in energy, it’s Neptune your area that you’re talking about gives us permission. To do that. Is that, is that fair to say?

Rhetta: Yeah. Yeah. You,

Lane: I think, yeah. Can we give ourselves permission right now to just talk to the committee, and be okay with where we’re at?

Rhetta: Yeah. Is this I think, yeah, I think you’re heading it right, right on the nose with this compassion, compassion for ourselves first. Right. We’re so easy to, it’s so easy to be compassionate too, you know, your child or your pet or a dear friend. And, and, to treat ourselves that same. That same love and compassion.

There is with this PI energy there’s an energy about releasing and surrender also to release maybe this That inner critic releasing the need to be perfectly releasing, you know, in your chart, you know, if we’re looking at your chart and what area it was in, I could, I could get more specific, but, but you know, with sitting with yourself, doing some journaling and meditation, you probably, you can probably narrow in, get in on what it is.

It’s giving us this place. This energy of saying over here is where there’s calm. If you go within or you sit in nature or you create we’re gonna give you a little extra boost. Like when you go get your smoothie and you’re saying, gimme a boost of vitamin C your boost. And also, I mean, this it’s also about compassion. find Your Worth With Astrology

It’s time to release. And Jupiter says, you know, like, come in and claim something like, where are you? Where are you underestimating yourself? This is what I love about Jupyter. And it’s like the wind, what it says is the wind is at your back right now. And it’s time to go for it. And that might mean there’s an I’ve always wanted to run a marathon, but I don’t think I can.

I don’t know. Well, this is a time to like, make a plan, hire a health coach or a trainer or somebody like be big on yourself. You can do that. And I actually have four friends right now who are all in there, of early to mid-fifties who have said, I’ve always wanted to be a runner and I’m gonna do it now. And I’m like, okay.

And I found this interesting, all these runners around me, but, and so that’s why that’s coming up. I’m like, yeah, go for it. That’s been your dream to be a runner. And so. And it’s, it’s wise wanting too. And this goes back to your values when you know your values, what you stand for, and what’s important to you.

It’s giving us this place. This energy of saying over here is where there’s calm. If you go within or you sit in nature or you create we’re gonna give you a little extra boost. Like when you go get your smoothie and you’re saying, gimme a boost of vitamin C your boost. And also, I mean, this it’s also about compassion. find Your Worth With Astrology

And then that aligns with this thing you want. That’s wise wanting and that’ll then the energies of the universe be with you when you take that leap. If the want is to go to medical school to make your mother proud. But you really wanna play the trombone.

you know this is a true story. And then getting into medical school, you know, putting yourself up and getting into medical school. It’s not wise wanting it’ll end up. you know, making your soul, hurting your soul somewhere down the line.

Lane: So I think there’s a whole workshop for wise wanting that we need to put together, right?

Oh yeah. Yeah. I think about what’s next in the community. Boom. All right, Reta. Okay. This has been very inspiring today for me, at least. And I hope it has been for you and. The members of the connected calm life. If you’re not inside the members’ area, join us. And then you can do the workshops and the classes and the calls.

It’s giving us this place. This energy of saying over here is where there’s calm. If you go within or you sit in nature or you create we’re gonna give you a little extra boost. Like when you go get your smoothie and you’re saying, gimme a boost of vitamin C your boost. And also, I mean, this it’s also about compassion. find Your Worth With Astrology

We’re in there all day, every day, hanging out and becoming our true calm, connected selves. Any last words? RTA

Rhetta: I’m suddenly speechless,

Lane: suddenly speechless. All right. We will see you again.

Rhetta: Thanks. Bye bye. Thank you

Lane: all. Bye, everyone.

Listen in to Rhetta’s episode