Fridays come and go

Another friday, already. I have been swamped with my pivitol tracker messages… so much work and so little time.  But this is great news, which means I am closer to launching, the soft launch.  Lets be honest, the test launch. On another note, I have noticed that my son, has suddenly stepped into being TWO.  … Read more

A mental health day-off

Last Friday I took a personal day… a leave of absence so to speak, or you could call it a mental health day.  I was sick of it, all of it.  Fortunately for me I have a wonderful friend who came to my house and gathered me and my bag for an overnight respite.  She … Read more

Im going to pull out my hair and then his…

JUST KIDDING! I have to say that this parenting stuff is not easy!  We are now at the picky eater stage… thank goodness for all these tips from Dr. Sears! Check them out if you are in my shoes!  I'm really practicing number 13 and 17!  oh, yes thank you to those who walk … Read more

the importance of time

I was recently thinking about time, the time that I have had without picking up a drink, or a chocolate doughnut; both of which have been many long years.  Then I started thinking about time in regards to my son, and how quickly it passes.  Which then brought me to the simplicity of time, and … Read more

Lessons I’m learning as a Mother

Lessons I’m learning as a Mother. Honestly, there are so many discoveries and obstacles and triumphs that I come across each day as a mother I thought that it might be helpful to start recording them… 1. For the most part I am not qualified to judge what my son needs to eat, his stomach … Read more