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Balanced. Calm. Life.

Mindfulness+Meditation+DNA = A Way Of Life

Balance the Body. Quiet the Mind. Heal.

I’m Lane Kennedy, your Self-Preservation Connoisseur and mastermind of molecular merriment. I’m not just a purveyor of refined health wisdom but your guide through the wondrous labyrinth of your mind, genetics, and hormones.

As an Evidence-based Nutrigenomic Nutritionist, I’m obsessed with decoding your body’s whispers and shouts, transforming that enigmatic double helix into a tailored wellness symphony.

Say farewell to those stubborn pounds that have overstayed their welcome. It’s time to revolutionize how you age, think, and flourish with a blueprint crafted from your essence.

As a certified connoisseur of calm—mindfulness Teacher, Meditation Maestro, and Hypnotherapy Virtuoso—I’m adept at fine-tuning the frequencies of your mind. Picture this: a life where sleep is a haven and relationships are a source of strength while anxiety becomes a mere whisper in the wind.

Ready to transform into an alchemist of your own? Join me. Together, we’ll architect a life that’s not just lived but celebrated!

Your journey from burnt-out to brilliant begins now. Shall we?


Begin with a Complimentary Chat: Secure your no-cost, no-obligation 20-minute virtual tete-a-tete with yours truly.

Unravel Your Health Story: Together, we’ll sift through the strands of your unique health narrative, contemplate potential lab work, and identify immediate and far-reaching goals for your well-being odyssey.

I Will Craft Your Customized Health Compass: Once you select the program that resonates with your spirit, I’ll sculpt a bespoke and dynamic strategy tailored to your body’s narrative.

Embark on a Supportive Journey: I’ll be your beacon of empowerment and inspiration with regular one-on-one sessions and a dedicated messaging platform. As you evolve, so will your program, seamlessly navigating through triumphs and trials to keep you steadfast on your journey to vitality.


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Grace Happens: DNA mindful living Guide For Living Fearlessly book by Lane Kennedy


Intuition. We all have it, right? Then why do we often find ourselves, sometimes years later, asking, “How did I get here?!” Grace Happens: A Guide to Living Fearlessly is the ultimate guidebook for people who desperately want to tap into their truth and take charge of their intuition.

This inspiringly fresh how-to guide offers real personal life experiences, case studies from clients, and easy exercises, helping you pinpoint and shift the beliefs and behaviors that undermine your greatness and stop you from getting what you want. By the end of Grace Happens, you will know how to acknowledge them and let them go. You will know how to tap into your deep inner knowing at any time, any place, and under any circumstance.