time is creeping

and when I say that I mean it!!!
the days are long and the nights are even longer.  We are in our last few days of week 39— due date is 3 days, for whatever that means.  You see people get so hyped up about this time clock of a due date.  When in reality the baby could come at any time during these last couple of weeks.  Early or Late.  I have a girlfriend who gave birth three weeks early… the baby was born, they had no idea, weren’t even fully prepared.  The baby just popped out and weighed in at 6 lbs… Back to this due date idea… so We could pop tonight, tomorrow, or two weeks from now.  There is actually this whole last trimester that is completely overlooked, the last four to six weeks… which is equal to another month… whoa! Could end  up carrying for another two weeks… putting me at 42 weeks!  Oh gawd please no…

Here I sit and wait.  I cook, prepare, and admire this belly.  Yes I do admire it.  I can’t believe that it is with me.  I have nothing to do with it.  He is just continuing to grow, my job is to continue to eat well and stay hydrated!  Well, and try to rest as much as possible, which is rather difficult these days… Just imagine a 30lb bowling ball strapped around your belly, and then you try to sleep and move about freely.  HA!