Lessons I’m learning as a Mother

Lessons I’m learning as a Mother.

Honestly, there are so many discoveries and obstacles and triumphs that I come across each day as a mother I thought that it might be helpful to start recording them…

1. For the most part I am not qualified to judge what my son needs to eat, his stomach tells me loud and clear!
2. Sleep is not necessary for survival, but water is absolutely.
3. He knows when he is tired, I don’t have to force him to sleep.
4. I need to eat in order to keep up with him, or else I become, well not very nice…
5. It’s okay to cry in my closet alone, with a friend on a playdate or on the toilet in the middle of the day.
6. Mommy friends are absolutely necessary to have in order to vent about the husband.
7. Alone time has to happen at least once a week, more than the jaunt on the toilet.
8. My husband needs “Dad” time.
9. All the books don’t have the answers, but intuition will help with finding answers.
10.I can’t do this all by myself, when they said it takes a village…they weren’t kidding!

I’m going to keep recording them… and I may just go back to day one…  Like… he didn’t just pop out and end up on my boob… and say yum this is how I’m going to feed myself… NO there was teaching involved!