A Mother’s List

I am not sure what I want to write about, as there is much that floats between my ears, and thoughts today!
Being a mom has left me with little time, which I cannot stand to complain about but it is the one thing that I can never find.  I never have enough time.  AND time is something, or nothing that you or me or anyone can get back… or create more of… If I could create more time I would be a millionaire, as every mom would want the inside secret, the scoop, the equation, the potion, and I’m quite sure that they would pay whatever dollar amount was on the label.  Hmmm, maybe I should begin this creation.

Organizing my time is the first step that I take in trying to manipulate time… the second step is accepting that I will not be able to DO everything that I try to put on some list… I can only slowly work  towards the completion of each and every task or feat, or discovery in which I am attempting!  WOW, heavy.

List?  Do they really work?  They work for me.  Honestly if I begin to write down task, events, ideas or projects that I want to work on or complete, at some point in my life, they will get done!  Weird but TRUE!  My lists have varied over the years, and most recently have become almost ridiculous… as with the first item on the list recently was, brush teeth!  I am  not quite sure why the list thing works for me, or why I’m inspired to do this… I just DO it.

I have a lot of dreams, a lot of ideas, projects albeit maybe some are lofty and way out of my range, but for the most part even the lofty ideas that yesterday held have been accomplished.

  • I wanted to write a book.  I did it.  I wrote, troubles of being a girl.
  • I had a dream to live abroad.  I did.  I lived in South East Asia for 7 months.
  • I wanted to take a year off and do nothing.  I did it.  I moved to Colorado and played.
  • I had an idea to create everyday models out of kids who wanted to BE superstars!  I did it.  I created More Than A Model.

real model:going to Japan

  • I wanted to model for Levi’s.  I did it.
  • I wanted to quit eating donuts.  I did it.  Stopped.  No more.
  • I love cheese I wanted to learn more, I took classes!  Lots of them, I know about cheese… ask me!

Tasty tasty tasty...

  • I wanted to quit modeling.  I did.  I told my agent to take me off the books… 20 years into it!
  • I love the ocean.  I love the idea of being with fish… I attempted to learn to scuba dive, and then found out that I am terrified of being under the water with a weighted belt…
  • I wanted to see each state of this country.  I did it.  I got in the car and drove!
  • It sounded so appealing to live in Spain for a month with my son.  We did it!

I could keep listing items, as I love the idea of being in this world, exploring possibilities; as for the scuba diving adventure-I’m not sure if I will come back to that idea/dream.  (I would have to get over my fear of well-being without oxygen!)

Back to time.  Yes, it’s dinner time here in the house, and the boy is hungry.  I rush to the next thing, dinner.  Off this list for the day!

Until next time.