So it’s my birthday

I haven’t always been a fan of birthdays, at one point I hadn’t celebrated my belly button birthday with people over a three year period. The day would come and go, and I would do nothing special, just another day! Then something happened. I wish I could explain it, or give it away to those who don’t like their birthday, because now I LOVE My birthday. I’m not thrilled with the lines that are appearing on my face or the extra weight that I can’t seem to shed after the birth of my son… NO, no, no. What I am thrilled about is experience, the true life experiences that I have managed to survive, indulge in, or sit through with my faithful friend, Hagen Daz! Crazy. I reminiscence of this year, and what I offered it, and what was given to me:

  • I showed up and sat in on practically every nap my son took, rocking him to sleep = he is now so calm and confident with himself I love it!
  • I responded to emails from people, I never though that I would speak to again = budding relationships that are meaningful.
  • I waked away from a friendship that wasn’t working = found awesome, amazing friend that I can’t imagine not knowing!
  • I said I was sorry = acceptance and camaraderie from fellow friend.
  • I prepared almost every meal for my son from organic food = healthy striving son who enjoys all types of food.
  • I snuggled up to my husband even in my moments of self delusion = the most wonderful and loving husband.

Just a snapshot.  I am one of the lucky ones, and I hope to never take advantage of this or forget how this all happened…

until next time.