Some days are easier.

Today was an easy day, I’m not sure why?  I started the same way I do everyday, I pray, do my yoga, eat… and then I went to the gym.  Maybe that is the solution to making an easier life.  My son went into the playroom for an hour and I worked out, to my headset playing the usual, beattles, David Bowie, U2, Morcheeba, and then there was Jarabe de Palo!  AAAAAMazing.  Is it music?  Is it the musical notes that inspire me to be more happy, to have a smile on my face, to remember moments that each song carries and blends into the next, Hmmm?  I spin the wheel on the spinning bike, and tighten its grip, forcing me to push, and pull, to stand and to breathe, deeply.   I can’t help but smile.  I forget time on the bike. I forget everything, it’s magical.

A new week of work, a new week of growth, a new week of challenges, and today I’m feeling like I can handle it.  Amen!