The art of networking & World Domination

The art of networking. 

 As a young child I had what people called a presence.  As I grew up I would be the girl who would be driving the car before I was of age, and purchasing the beer with either no ID or the fake ID.  (And if that didn’t work, I was the one asking the older boys to buy…)  I always got what I wanted because I was always able to ask, I truly cared for people and I was nice.  But as the years passed by it became more and more challenging to carry this presence with me.  I started modeling and life became weird, it was about who you knew, who knew you, and your networking abilities.

I remember being able to walk into any room and have all eyes on me.  Totally overwhelming, I got use to it.  I was young.  I had my “hair,” “legs,” an outfit, my smile, and who was on my arm to make it easy.  

There was a lot going on in my 20s, lots of people, lots of late nights, lots of truth or dare.  Then it stopped.  “It” meaning the magic, the ease.  When I turned 26 my life fell apart and I was forced to make some fairly large decisions, I was to either turn left and end up in total tragedy, or turn right and try something else.  I didn’t officially chose a direction, but a direction was definitely chosen for me.

I went underground for what seemed like an eternity, I had to stop doing everything that was familiar to me and learn how to live differently.  I learned to blend in and be subtle.  WOW that was a game-changer.   I also learned the art of shaking hands, and NOT HUGGING!  

Holy crap!  Everyone in the industry gave hugs, I couldn’t stand it, but I was a part of the show, so I hugged too.  (I hated smelling like other people, still do today…)  During that time of discovery I even learned how to mix business and spirituality, how to turn the conversation about me to about you, where to invest my time/energy and truly evaluate my intentions with each relationship, it was an awakening time. 

As I see it my journey to The World Domination Summit this week will be an entry point back into the working world and how I use to live all the time, my networking game is being turned on!

How am I going to do this? There is Tactic One— The “flow” plan, just show up and go with the flow, and then be disappointed if I don’t get the results I want… be totally tore up about not meeting someone or getting the information that I am looking for… that would be tragedy.

HA.  NOT.  No, I’m not just showing up… and going with the flow.  Nope.  I’m opting for Tactic Two —  The “lose” plan.  The whole goal of me going to this specific summit is to meet my people, people in my industry, people who I relate too, people who I want to play with… I want to meet these people live, in person.  Who are they!?  What do I need to do?  I need to take straightforward actions.  These are the very specific networking steps that I have planned out and will take:

  1. arrive early
  2. sign up for all activities that are intriguing to me
  3. say hello to people, smile!
  4. have business cards on me at all times and hand them out
  5. My business card is a bit quirky so it will be easy to talk to someone when I hand it over to them
  6. carry small pad of paper with me to take notes
  7. or install bump app
  8. pre summit send out invites to people I’m interested in meeting
  9. get on social media and talk about why I’m at the conference
  10. ask people how I can help them
  11. ask for business cards or contact information
  12. write follow up emails immediately upon meeting—that night and then the following week
  13. volunteer to clean up or help out where I can
  14. leave late


As the days go by I will let you know how it goes!  My goal is fairly small – meet 100 people.  Do you think I can do it?

What do you think?

Until next time.

Hugs, and cheerios.