Let me share some of my story…

I have lived a lot of life during my time on this planet- beautiful, wild, complicated, fantastic life. I began a successful modeling career in my early years and was graced with the gift of sobriety in my twenties. I've traveled the globe, founded successful companies, and have pushed against the glass ceiling. I married the man I love in my late thirties and, after being told I would never be able to conceive, gave birth to my beautiful ultra healthy son at the age of 41.

Throughout this journey, there has been a deep knowing, akin to a tiny, golden thread, that has connected me to a source of knowledge seemingly outside of myself. There was a period when I was younger, where I explored and embraced this aspect of my being, but at some point, it became too much. I made a decision to shut it down. There would be no more "woo" for me.

Always a seeker, I turned my focus toward another passion- primarily the study of harnessing the power of human potential and the study of human consciousness. I traveled, a lot. Became a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy in Australia, one of the first graduates of well known Bio-Hacker Dave Asprey's Certified High-Performance Coaching program, one of the first women to graduate from Dr. Sara Gottfried's practitioner course, The Hormone Cure, and became certified in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to compliment my decades-long meditation practice. But like many things in life, attempting to deny a fundamental aspect of self eventually leads to a choice; like the growth of a root-bound tree, finally something has got to give, or the tree will die.

So there it was; this inborn aspect of my being, what I refer to as Deep Knowing, that inner voice that everyone was born with, yet often loses touch with, was becoming uncomfortable. Another cycle of growth was starting to occur and could no longer be bound by self-will. Where was that golden thread I had tried to sever years before? If I could locate it and listen, I knew it would lead me to where I needed to go.

The Universe, God, The Quantum Field - whatever you'd like to call it - is an extraordinary place; I was learning what had inherently been known all along - that consciousness and mindfulness can and will influence my reality. While unfolding to these teachings, I began dabbling in an ancient form of meditation called Yoga Nidra, sometimes referred to as Yogic Sleep. As my practice evolved, I became so infatuated with how I felt, how it aligned with my studies, and how it began to change my state of being that I took the next logical step and enrolled in two programs to become a certified Yoga Nidra teacher.

What is Yoga Nidra? A teacher of mine, Richard Miller Ph.D., breaks YN down like this:

Yoga: the view, path, and means by which you experience your interconnection with yourself and all of life.

Nidra: changing states of consciousness, such as waking, sleeping, and dreaming, which include sensations, emotions, thoughts, and images.

I refer to YN as the deepest, most profound, and expansive form of meditation I have yet to experience. I have been meditating for over two decades, and this practice has given me freedom- freedom from self, freedom from overthinking, freedom to rest, freedom to access and release energetic blockages I didn't know existed within me, and the freedom to allow even more love in my life.

And the science backs it.

Brain researcher Troels Kjær, The Kennedy Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark states, “The measurements show, for the first time, that one can be completely aware in such a deep state – that one can consciously experience and control the brain’s activity simultaneously. This confirms that meditation is the fourth major state, equal to dreaming, sleeping and wakefulness”.

So. Here I am. After all this time, practice and education, exactly where I should be. Reunited with myself, integrated science and “woo”, in service to others by sharing the gift of Yoga Nidra, taming the mind and exploring the unlimited infinite possibilities. Life is good. I hope to meet you.