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I’m so glad you’re here. Especially because right now, I’m guessing there are a lot of S words invading your life.. Stressed, Shame, Stuck, Stalled, Struggling, Slogging, and perhaps Settling. 

Sound pretty bang on? Then I have An appealing alternative for you:

Unabashedly, extraordinarily and satisfying!

I’m going to take a shot in the dark and say...

For too long, you’ve been wading through overwhelm, hustling and muscling through your work and life.

You’ve tried to master the work/life balancing act. Then caved under the demands of your companies needs, a boss, client, hubby, mother-in-law, {insert person’s name whose approval you want here}.

Worst of all? You keep prioritizing everyone else’s priorities. So the details of your life that actually matter to you like booking that trip to Barcelona or starting a kid’s charity have been shelved for “when the timing is better”. (Translation: Never.)

Despite being one hell of a smart cookie, you’re feeling tired of being overlooked by opportunities...and underwhelmed with the life you’ve created for yourself, not that your life sucks, but let's face it you want more, you deserve more. NO more guilt when you dream of more or simply something for you.

You want freedom and independence.

The confidence to call the shots.

The tingly rush of adventure.

To simplify...everything.

To work on your clock, instead of someone else’s.

A chance to change the world (or someone’s world).

To live off your bucket list, instead of your to-do list.

For creative juices and cashola to start flowin’ like wine.

And more than anything, to be seen for the live-big woman you truly are.

The only problem is: Overwhelm and where to begin...

This is where I come in. (Or floor-skate in, as I’m known to do.)



Hi! I’m Lane Kennedy, Life Liberator & Business Igniter for go-getting, kick ass women who are ready to break free of expectations and comfort zones, so they can start making the impact they were meant to not only in everyone else's lives but their own! Just think of me as fuel for your fire—someone who can show you how to use what you’ve got to get what you want.

I totally believe that...women can and do change the world, and we do it better when we’re doing it together.  

With this belief pushing me in life, I’ve...

  • Turned a startup into a legit business that brought in over a million dollars in sales in less than 18 months.

  • Spun rough sketches of lingerie into a booming business where thousands of garments were being shipped out every year.

  • Gone off the grid to work for a non-profit in Bangkok, creating a program that served to empower women across three continents and get them off the streets.

  • Been showing women how to close the gap between where they are in their lives and where they wanna be for the past 20 years.

My mission simple as it gets (just the way I like it): To give you a no nonsense way to go from helpless to balls to the wall fearless, demystifying the overwhelm of your life so you can jump into your “HELL YES!” potential.

My three weapons of mass destruction for changing the world (and women’s lives) are...relentless compassion, cut-to-the-chase wisdom and brazen honesty.

I’m also a...foodie, mama, fiction writer, recovering model, bio-hacking freak and Beatles-lover.

I couldn’t live without... yoga, meditation, prayer, music and cheese.

The longest relationship I’ve had is...with my dog, Jackson, 12 years and counting!


"When I first started my business it was Lane who made me realize I had the capabilities to think bigger than big, that I had everything I needed within me to accomplish anything. That is what she does and with passion - help women to see their actual abilities and discover their authentic self by shedding the ingrained insecurities our society breeds from the moment you are born. You won’t know how much you actually want and can achieve until she opens up what is already inside of you."

Stef Tousignant and the founder of the popular family event The Great Baby Romp.




"When I participated in Lane’s pitch night, it was definitely a springboard for me to build the courage to launch my business. A year later, I’ve published eight books and keep coming back every month to be inspired, entertained, humbled and energized. It’s a must-do in my business. Lane creates a space where I can learn, laugh, and live my passion.”  ~ Giselle S., Boston, Kids Yoga Stories




"I love working with Lane. She brings a wealth of business experience to the table. She has a ton of contagious energy and enthusiasm, and has an enormous capacity for motivating me and others. I feel lucky to have her influence in my life."

Amy Gordon

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