Let me share some of my story…

I’m from San Francisco, born here.  Fourth generation, an original so to speak.  I never had high hopes of becoming a famous doctor or that I would even have a family.  I mean who thinks like that when they have a modeling contract, are making more money than their parents and feel as though they’ve arrived only at the age of 20?  Yes, that was me.  I lived to be seen, I changed the energy of a room when I walked into them, made more money than was needed and created conversations that connected people. Modeling was a way out for me which served it’s purpose for more than two decades, allowing me live an extraordinary life, although when I look back I can honestly say that I was going to live an extraordinary life no matter what I did because early on I had discovered the power of my mind.  

You see, I believe that we all have this amazing brain that sits encapsulated upon our shoulders, protected from the outside elements and it’s here we find our mind which is always working, even when we don’t know it.  My mind has allowed me to become a serial entrepreneur, a coach to startups, a mentor to women, a wife to my awesome husband and even a mother to my adorable son.  And, as I was saying earlier, I’ve lived.  I’ve travelled and lived all around the world, eaten beetles for lunch, climbed pyramids to see the sun set, helped women get off the streets of sex slavery, learned about dairy farming in Italy and survived food poisoning in Laos!  We all have one chance, one shot at experiencing everything this world and life has to offer, so my thoughts are, play big or go home!

The year was 1996, the Macarena had become the dance to join in on at the nightclubs (thank goodness for double shots of vodka with a twist of lemon!).  And every time that Alanis Morrisette’s, song, Ironic came on the radio I’d blast it and sing along, while driving on the five (freeway), with windows down and air conditioning blasting.  Life was good, at least that’s what my bank account reflected along with my perfect house in the Hollywood Hills, a pedigree dog, five full closet of designer clothes and a housekeeper who cleaned up everything and I mean everything!  What wasn’t perfect was my failing health.  I never felt right.  I was sick, all the time.  I began missing work.  I began not showing up (not my style at all!)  I couldn’t get much done.  Life was becoming a drag.  I was depressed, yet I had everything, it didn’t match up, what was the problem?  

My recycling bin was the problem.  There in the corner of the kitchen stood empty wine bottles, double liter vodka bottles, brown beer bottles with the labels half peeled off, all of these bottles had overflowed from the recycling bin.  Who cares I thought, I’ve made it.   

Two months later I had my last drink, I had made a decision.  I was tired of being sick, anxious, depressed and unhappy.  I’d like to share with you that my life began to look like unicorns and fluffy puppies, and for the most part it was brilliant. (Not having a hangover, being able to remember where I parked my car, and who I had that lengthy conversation with that mattered was really life changing.)  Putting down the drink was only the beginning of my health journey.  Three years into my sobriety, my skin was turning yellow, every time I ate I felt sick, my hair was falling out and I had the energy of a 90 year old retiree who sits and complains about the State of the Union.  How else can I explain this to you? In simple terms, my life really, “Sucked!”  I had to enlist my friends and other kind people to help me get up and down my stairs, fix me food and walk my dog.  I gained about 30 pounds and the world was no longer my oyster, and every time Cher’s song, Believe came on I wanted to cry!  I was broken. I prayed.  I searched and researched, met with every significant doctor in Beverly Hills, all of them saying the same thing, “Not sure why your white blood count is so low, not sure why you are so achy…not sure why you are actually living, all arrows point to A.I.D.S”  This was simply unacceptable to me.  How could a well educated doctor not know?  They’re trained, specialist, and suppose to take care of sick people, couldn’t they see that I was sick?  They would send me home.  Hopeless.

I prayed some more.  I meditated.  I found a yoga mat and began to heal myself.  After sitting one day, I made another harrowing decision, I was done with traditional doctors.  I began to study like a mad scientist.  I began hacking my internal system, trying all kinds of crazy ideas, traditions, vitamins, oils, potions and more.  It was early 2001 and I started using bio-identical hormones (way before it was even discussed in public forums), hacking away at my body, balancing my hormones, and changing my mental landscape. Then, in 2004 I began hacking my diet to better fill my nutritional needs.  You see, what I began to feel and understand was the relationship to what I was placing on my tongue, eating and digesting, was directly related to how I would feel a day later.  I began feeling better.  I was healing.

A doctor once told me that I would never be able to carry a child, let alone bring one to full term and give birth, well, low and behold in October of 2009 I gave birth, at home to my son with a midwife and our two dogs.  I hacked my way to better health! During my pregnancy I ate large bone-in, grass fed, fatty, rib-eyes steaks, lardo, and scramble eggs almost everyday.  I ate what my body intuitively asked for.  My restoration process has been a long one, but one that I am proud to say is mine.  Throughout these years I’ve taken every opportunity to learn, research, and investigate new studies about the human body and it’s capabilities.  My husband thinks I’m bit obsessive with all of this hacking and mindset work, but I think I’d rather be obsessing about my health, or the neural pathways of my brain than a Snickers Bar!

The mind is a powerful force.

Over the years I’ve come to know that I have a single intention, that intention is to help people.  Simple, right?  No fame, no glory, no outlandish recognition, simply helping people become better at who they are in the world.  Are you at your best right now?

The past twenty plus years have been rife with practical experience, while mastering and acquiring knowledge that is required to live in today’s overstressed tech’d world.  I’ve been fortunate enough to spend hundreds of hours learning about hacking our human potential.  I was one of the first women to go through Dr. Sara Gottfried’s Hormone Cure practitioner course, learning the Gottfried protocol while gaining a deeper understanding of the female’s delicate hormonal cascade, and the many imbalances that occur at any given time.  Since I’m not one to stop learning, it was only an obvious choice to become one of the first women to become a Certified High Performance Coach when fellow biohacker, Dave Asprey, opened the doors to a coaching practicum! Since meditation has been with me for the long journey, becoming a Minfulness-Based Stressed Reduction Guide seemed fitting… MBSR is science based meditation, win-win!

Back to the brain I traveled and became a graduate of the Neuroscience Academy, as well as becoming a Yoga Nidra Guide through the Shiva Shakti School, and School of Self Love. My love of meditation and mindfulness is my purpose. It’s been quite an adventure.