What is the Vagus Nerve?

Tell me about the Vagus Nerve and why I should care… You probably wouldn’t have guessed it from looking at my smiling face, and when I’m sharing about sleep on Facebook, but for years now, I have struggled through my daily life with a big dose of chronic pain. On bad days my pain has … Read more

How Yoga Nidra Saved My Marriage

We all go through challenging times in our partnerships, right? Some of them pass quickly, while other times, it feels like you’re moving through thickening quicksand; it’s a daily nightmare. Although you want to escape, you’ve taken vows, and you don’t want to become a statistic. This is my story.

Will Meditation Get Me What I Want In Life?

My life ended up taking quite the different turn to the one I expected. As a model I was travelling the world, meeting new and exciting people and working crazy hours. I loved my life but before I had even stepped away from the camera and clothes I had my hands in a number of businesses like a kid mixing colors while finger painting and it soon became obvious that being a model wasn’t the end of the road for me – it was a launching pad.

where the heck am I?

“How do I put myself first and get what I need done when it comes to my body and mind?”  

Ladies, this is such a common issue, challenge, call it what it is… but in today’s world we are in overdrive from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall back into bed at night.  What I realize after years of juggling and hustling is that putting myself first is priority. I can honestly say that I have learned from the inside out that if I am not putting my body and mind first then I slowly deteriorate from the inside out!

Confession Day 7 of 30

Today I was with a wonderful woman and had the opportunity to share some hope around motherhood.  Here goes nothing. I confess that I am not the perfect mother.   Actually I am FAR from perfect.  I have never been the mother who loves playing trains or taking a cardboard box and creating a rocket. … Read more

Green Smoothie Sugar & Day Three!

The Smoothie Challenge?  Are you in?!  I have to say I love Jadah and Jen over at SimpleGreenSmoothies.com yes indeed huge fans!  And their proven and tried recipes are divine… BUT they don’t do me justice on my search to stay on the low to no sugar world.  Have you signed up for their next … Read more