The power of a Mastermind

The power of a Mastermind
Before three years ago I had no clue what a mastermind was, but now I can't imagine my life without one. ((Are you asking, what is a mastermind?)) In the past I would have never shared ideas or considered another person's opinion who was in a different business or industry, now I respect the hell of anyone giving it a go in business with good ethics and practice and say YES to sharing and growing.  

World Domination Summit. Calling all Creators.

Last week I had the opportunity to travel to Portland to meet up with fellow World Changers, and creators.   I’ve considered myself a creator for about 15 years.  A few years back I was invited to be a panelist for a reading / discussion with I had just written my first book and the … Read more

The art of networking & World Domination

As a young child I had what people called a presence.  As I grew up I would be the girl who would be driving the car before I was of age, and purchasing the beer with either no ID or the fake ID.  (And if that didn’t work, I was the one asking the older boys to buy…)  I always got what I wanted because I was always able to ask, I truly cared for people and I was nice.  But as the years passed by it became more and more challenging to carry this presence with me.  I started modeling and life became weird, it was about who you knew, who knew you, and your networking abilities.