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Do you work in an office where a little peace would be nice? Looking to help your employees find greater awareness? Want to give a great Bonus? Invite Lane to your office for a Meditation session or talk on Mindfulness in the Office: how to break the habit of distraction and get more done!

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On location in San Francisco Meditation sessions

Standing Tuesday evenings class 6:30pm @ Eureka Valley Rec Center

-—>Ready to practice at home? See below <—-

A Life of Presence

Looking for clarity? Inner wisdom hiding from you?

Not quite sure what to do next with your job, your partner, your life?

These sessions are client directed by inquiry. Lane will sit quietly with you in a meditative state and collect information. Topics are varied. After the session you will have answers, clarity and a vision plan to move forward with!

These are conducted over Zoom and last from one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes depending on the Higher Source.


Solo Meditation Practice at home or online.

Depending on your need and location Lane will Practice with you, guiding you into a meditative state using a variety of meditation techniques. She offers Yoga Nidra privately, and can be paired with yoga movement. This can be done at your home or virtually. 

Starting at $125 for 30 minutes

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Meditations For Your Home Practice

I’m working diligently on these now… coming soon. Get alerted when they are ready.

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