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Do you work in an office where a little peace would be nice? Looking to help your employees find greater awareness? Want to give a great Bonus? Invite Lane to your office for a Power Nap Meditation session or talk on Mindfulness in the Office: how to break the habit of distraction and get more done!

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On location in San Francisco Meditation sessions

Standing Tuesday evenings class 6:30pm @ Eureka Valley Rec Center San Francisco Ca USA

-—>Ready to practice at home? See below <—-

Soul retrieval

You’re stuck. Your mind is constantly seeking perfectionism, you want to slow down, you’re exhausted, on the brink of a nervous breakdown…(maybe) yet you hold it all together, at least on the outside, while inside you are freaking out, about everything.

I’ve got your back with this Session.

This is a truly unique experience which will rewire your brain, change your neural pathways. You will have new thoughts, break outdated patterns and feel more alive after our time together.

This is conducted over Zoom, or in person.

1 x 30-minute initial consultation where we flow into Presence and uncover even greater possibilities or you.

– 1 x customized recorded Yoga Nidra practice; working with your very own specific needs as discussed in our Presence session. You will be able to use this forever!  The longer you tune into your personalized practice the deeper the effect, and greater transformation.

– 1 x 30 minute follow up session (if desired.) The follow-up session can be used to ask any questions that may arise.

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Solo Meditation Practice at home or online.

Depending on your need and location Lane will Practice with you, guiding you into a meditative state using a variety of meditation and breath work techniques. She offers Yoga Nidra privately, and can be paired with yoga movement & breath work. This can be done at your home or virtually. 

  • $150 Per Session

  • 10 Sessions $1350

  • 20 Sessions $2450

the Body Mind Soul Connection

You’ve googled “Adrenal Fatigue” one too many times, you haven’t slept soundly in weeks, maybe even months, you’re feeling like you’ve aged 10 years and let’s be real you’re not happy, you’re actually grumpy. Sound like you? Then this experience is for you.

Together we will walk through big topics. What’s included:

  • This is a half day experience with Lane where you uncover all of it and she will guide you back to yourself.

  • Lunch, movement, Yoga Nidra session, and a plan!

  • The Body Mind Soul Detox Protocol your everyday tool for transformation.

  • Access to Lane once a week on Voxer for 60 days.

  • Ongoing access to past Masterclasses.

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Meditations For Your Home Practice

**Maybe you’re a Do it yourself type, I get it, i was too, for a long time. You may also find my detox program helpful.