The art of networking & World Domination

As a young child I had what people called a presence.  As I grew up I would be the girl who would be driving the car before I was of age, and purchasing the beer with either no ID or the fake ID.  (And if that didn’t work, I was the one asking the older boys to buy…)  I always got what I wanted because I was always able to ask, I truly cared for people and I was nice.  But as the years passed by it became more and more challenging to carry this presence with me.  I started modeling and life became weird, it was about who you knew, who knew you, and your networking abilities.

I love SF MOM Entrepreneurs!

I am not a fan of being with others, actually I love being alone… haven’t I said that before somewhere….  Living My Dreams is pushing forward albeit slowly… it is still happening, so keep watching, please.  Other Fun Stuff for later April’s Mompreneur: Fresh Baby Bites ( National Small Business Week: The Mompreneur (