Why I Love Being A Woman

Being a woman is everything. I love everything about it, I love standing on my own two feet, sometimes I even imagine wearing a cape!

Goal Setting, Resolutions, and Being.

Want to Start jumping out of Planes?  Change your job?  Get 19 days of Straightforward Living free in your inbox now! I think.  Too much.  Seriously. It’s a new year and with new years usually big expectations.  What happens to you when you don’t make the resolution?  How often do you succeed?  I am so … Read more

Straightforward and Huffington Post

I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing mentors over the years and all of them have pretty much said the same thing, “Lane, always be ready.” Last week I experienced this first hand when my article in the Huffington Post that went live before I could actually think about it!  An email … Read more

the Quest and Getting What You Want.

There are so many topics that I can write about, seriously.  I often sit down to write and become overwhelmed with what I want to share with you; I close my computer or simply skip on over to Facebook and say hello to people or read status updates.  Nothing gets done.  But today is different. … Read more