Too many emails in my inbox

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I feel liberated. Why?  Well, I’m off of email. Yep, like down to 30 minutes a day. I was spending four to five hours in email land and newsletterville, lost! I had too many emails in my inbox!  About four months ago I realized that I wasn’t getting anything done, days would go by, a blog post would be missed, an opportunity would go untouched, basically money going out the window, ack! How are money and email associated?  It’s simple, TIME.  Let me say it again, <T><I><M><E> email takes up precious time, valuable time, time that you (and I) need to spend on creating marketing content, working on revenue, creating sales channels, coming up with products…We all need more time, we don’t need more emails. unsubscribe email hacks

Want to know how I did it?  OF course, you do, or you would have bounced out and off the page already!  Here we go:

1. Sign up for Rescue Me and measure how much time you are actually spending on email and other unimportant task (Pinterest browsing, lurking on other people’s stuff, etc.). You need to collect accurate data to see this work in action. Spend a few days doing your normal routine after you have signed up and have rescued me installed. Then proceed to the following three steps. unsubscribe email hacks

2. There are two ways to go about the next step, first the more time-consuming and free I did it, the more you can too.  Go to your inbox and sort your messages by this keyword: unsubscribe.  All of the newsletters should come up in an organized manner, then you can pick and choose which you want out from by opening and unsubscribing on the bottom of the newsletter where it usually says “Change Preferences” or “unsubscribe”. This process can take about two to three days.  A lof of these subscriptions have multiple newsletter lists– so make sure you chose to OPT out of all of them, otherwise, you will continue to collect more newsletters from the particular company or person you are trying to get out from. unsubscribe email hacks

The other option:  Fab and EASY, this is a service and it will ask for your permission to gain access to your inbox, LET IT!  This process is super easy and takes care of all the details… A lot of my colleagues have used this and said it’s great, I’m going to trust them on this!

3. Next, create two folders and label them as DO and Delegate.  I have two choices in my life, to do something, or get it off my plate, so how do I decide?  SIMPLE.  I ask myself, “Can someone else do or take care of the message/or what needs to be done in this email…?”  At this point I’m at 50%, meaning that one of two emails I can ask my assistant to manage, and she does it.  I place it in her hands (aka delegate) and she will update me in SLACK if necessary or if there is more action I need to take (usually not).  Important NOTE: I have had a meaningful conversation with my assistant and have made it very clear on how to operate and communicate with people from my perspective, we have set parameters in which she works, this is KEY to SUCCESS!

4. If the message is a DO …  then I respond to it within 48 hours. I NO longer respond right away, NOPE.  I had to untrain myself from hitting respond right away… it’s not necessary, and nothing is that urgent.  

5. One cool thing about social media is that if there is a conversation happening or there is something urgent, not sure what that would be… or I perhaps I just want to talk with someone I use twitter and FB messaging.  BUT here is the deal with that… I ONLY DO IT at a certain times of the day… which has been scheduled.  I know that may seem crazy and my life might seem overplanned but I have to say — the FREEDOM and lack of overwhelm is totally worth it!

So when are you going on the freedom email train?  Let me know and we can celebrate together!  If you need more help with this make sure to holler at me!

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