Discover the expertise of Lane Kennedy, San Francisco’s go-to expert in mindfulness and DNA-informed nutrition. Leading the way as a seasoned mindfulness teacher for the City’s employees and as a dedicated DNA nutritionist, Lane delivers a unique blend of mental and physical wellness strategies designed to unlock your utmost potential. Whether you’re aiming for peace of mind or tailored nutritional guidance, Lane is here to propel you towards your wellness goals.

Through her innovative and immersive mindfulness training, Lane empowers San Francisco’s City employees to navigate the daily pressures with grace and resilience. Her carefully crafted eight-week programs, specifically tailored for the high-stress environments of the fire and police departments, has become a cornerstone of the City’s commitment to the well-being of its protectors and servants. All forty thousand employees have access to her trainings and teaching sessions.

But Lane’s expertise doesn’t end at the mind’s borders. She delves deeper into the cellular level, embracing the pioneering field of DNA-based nutrition. As a Nutrigenomic Functional Nutritionist, Lane unlocks the nutritional secrets written in your DNA, offering personalized wellness strategies that enhance your health, vitality, and longevity.

Her personal transformation began with an autoimmune diagnosis that led her to a life free from alcohol, unveiling the profound impact of mindful and nutritional choices on overall well-being. From bio-identical hormone therapy and peptides to the forefront of nutrigenomics, Lane’s unwavering dedication to understanding health has established her as a leader in achieving balance for both body and mind..

Lane’s extensive credentials, including certificates in DNA Nutrition, Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Facilitation, underpin her holistic approach to health. With her multifaceted expertise, she has touched the lives of thousands, fostering recovery, resilience, and enlightenment in the hearts and minds of those she guides.

In a world clamoring for digital attention, Lane chooses the path of genuine connection, focusing on the profound rather than the prolific. Her remarkable journey, from the heights of a modeling career and entrepreneurial success to conquering personal health battles, embodies the wisdom and strength she imparts.

Join Lane on an enlightening journey toward your healthiest, most serene self. Discover the power of mindful living and DNA-informed nutrition as Lane navigates you through the science of well-being, crafting a life rich in health, fulfillment, and inner peace. Your journey to self-discovery and ultimate wellness begins here, with Lane as your guide, enlightening your path at every step.

Connected Calm Life podcast with Lane Kennedy

Fun Facts About Lane

She loves apples, especially heritage varieties.

Lane’s desk is a creative hub, teeming with stacks that grow organically. Though it may appear chaotic, or even messy, she maintains a methodical awareness of each item’s place. A periodic tidy-up, prompted by a call or a visit, renews order to her productive space.

She can’t stand when others don’t open doors for a more mature person or allow them to sit in their seat. She believes entitlement is the death of society!

She is super straightforward.

She has been a meditator for over two decades and teaches publicly and privately for Government Agencies and corporations in San Francisco and abroad.

She’s a super fan of Classic Rock and 90’s TV shows.