Welcome to the remarkable journey of Lane Kennedy, a woman whose life is a testament to the transformative power of holistic health and self-discovery. She’s not just a mentor; Lane is a visionary Nutrigenomic Functional Nutritionist dedicated to unlocking the secrets of you through your DNA for ultimate wellness.

Her path to becoming an esteemed beacon of health began in 1994 with a diagnosis of a chronic autoimmune condition. This challenge steered her towards a pivotal decision two years later—to forego alcohol entirely. Since 1996, she has thrived in an alcohol-free existence, leading her down a trailblazing path in the realm of health and well-being.

Lane’s unwavering commitment to her own health led her to explore bio-identical hormones long before they became a mainstream solution. In a time without the convenience of Google searches, Lane’s partnership with a wellness practitioner, combined with unconventional remedies like olive oil shots, green juices, and a plethora of supplements, was not just about health optimization—it was about survival.

Her early adoption and understanding of bio-identical hormone therapy opened her eyes to the countless possibilities of body optimization. Lane’s deep dive into the health sphere continued as she became a proud member of the inaugural class of the Human Potential Training Institute, further expanding her already vast knowledge of health and human capability.

As a seasoned Nutrigenomic Functional Nutritionist, Lane Kennedy possesses a unique mastery of interpreting genetic profiles to inform individualized health choices. Her academic background is fortified with certificates in Applied Neuroscience and Brain Health from the Neuroscience Academy in Australia and a certificate in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Facilitation from Mindful Leader.

Lane has profoundly impacted the lives of thousands, delivering respite and enlightenment through a diverse toolkit that encompasses hypnotherapy, Yoga Nidra, breathwork, addiction recovery, and the revolutionary science of nutrigenomics. As the City of San Francisco Mindfulness teacher, she has made a lasting impact on the City’s 39,000 employees, benefiting from the stress-regulating mindfulness and meditation programs she developed.

Her life, marked by the early success of a modeling career and multi-million-dollar business ventures, is imbued with the wisdom of conquering adversity. As a modern-day mystic, Lane has chosen to connect more authentically beyond social media’s noise; you won’t find her yelling into the void of Tiktok or Instagram.

Join Lane Kennedy as she guides you along an enlightening path, using the compass of nutrigenomics and functional nutrition to chart a course toward your healthiest, most serene self. Her journey from battling a chronic autoimmune condition to embracing a vibrant, alcohol-free life is an invitation to discover the health and happiness you, too, can achieve through the science of DNA and the art of mindful living.

Connected Calm Life podcast with Lane Kennedy

Fun Facts About Lane

She loves apples, especially heritage varieties.

Lane’s desk is a creative hub, teeming with stacks that grow organically. Though it may appear chaotic, or even messy, she maintains a methodical awareness of each item’s place. A periodic tidy-up, prompted by a call or a visit, renews order to her productive space.

She can’t stand when others don’t open doors for a more mature person or allow them to sit in their seat. She believes entitlement is the death of society!

She is super straightforward.

She has been a meditator for over two decades and teaches publicly and privately for Government Agencies and corporations in San Francisco and abroad.

She’s a super fan of Classic Rock and 90’s TV shows.