Eat For Your Genes Workshop

Eat for your genes with Lane kennedy

Welcome to “Eat For Your Genes,” the 90-minute class designed to revolutionize your relationship with food, tailored to the very strands of your DNA. 🧬🍇

In this immersive workshop, you’ll embark on a culinary and educational adventure beyond the common “eat this, not that” to a level where every bite is a step toward your best self. You’re invited to discover how to harness the information of your DNA and the power of personalized nutrition to feel radiant, inside and out!

What You’ll Discover:

The 411 on Nutrigenomics

  • Enter the Genomic Era: Learn how this cutting-edge science pairs your unique genetic makeup with nutrition to create a harmonious health symphony.
  • Your Body’s Instruction Manual: Explore how your genome can guide your diet and how you can turn your genes into allies for optimal health.

How Your DNA Is the Health DJ

  • The Genetic Mix: Understand the intricate ways your DNA remixes responses to nutrients and influences your overall well-being—cue the wellness beats!
  • Nurturing Your Health: Discover the art of fine-tuning your lifestyle choices to create a personalized harmony of health with the help of your genetic insights.

Walk Away Knowing:

  • Nutrigenomics Breakdown: The science that studies the intimate dance between diet and DNA.
  • Top 3 Genes Every Person Should Know About: Uncover the superhero genes that can make a difference in your fitness, metabolism, and more.
  • Top 3 Lab Markers To Understand: Gain an insider’s edge on your body’s narrative and the power to craft your epic tale of vitality.
  • Top 3 Missing Nutrients and How to Work Them Into Your Day: Identify gaps in your nutrition and learn how to weave these essentials into your meals seamlessly.
  • Top 3 Peptides To Change Your Body: Learn how to use them and integrate them into your life for a rejuvenated you.

Interactive Experience

  • DNA-Approved Snacks: Create and indulge in healthy, delicious treats that align with the scientific insights shared—because learning tastes better with a snack we will make together.
  • Q&A Session: Have your curiosities addressed and your questions answered open forum style.

Your Guide

  • Led by Lane Kennedy, a dedicated Functional Nutritionist with a personal testament to the power of genetic-based dietary intervention, this class is more than education—it’s the beginning of your transformational journey.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Empowerment: Equip yourself with the knowledge to make informed, health-boosting decisions daily.
  • Personalization: Step away from the one-size-fits-all diet paradigm and into a world where food is curated just for you.
  • Well-being: Set the stage for a future where you’re thriving with a diet designed by your DNA.

Secure your seat now and prepare to be transformed—one gene, one meal, one bite at a time. Please use Venmo — see code below. I will be automatically notified; insert your email or phone number in the Venmo payment note section for all your information.

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