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Our Special Ops Officers have high-stress jobs. The ability to provide them tools to mitigate the inherent and chronic stress and exhasution that these officers experience is essential.

As a facilitator for the SFPD Special Operations Burear, Lane has introduced our Special Ops Officers (Tactical, SWAT and HOmeland Security) to a method fo practial and effective stress reuciton, allowing these dedicated public servants to be more resilient in their duties.

Lane has been a great asset to our team, fun to work with, and a bright spot in the officers’day.

Maria Garcia, San Francisco Police Department, Special Operations Bureau

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When I met Lane, I was newly sober, heavily medicated, physically and mentally unwell, living in Miami, and questioning my decision to go to graduate school. A year later I am physically and mentally well for the first time in my life. I moved to NYC, accepted a job offer and have a much stronger sense of self.  

Lane helped me gain clarity around what I needed and how to get those needs met. I needed to be asked the hard questions to discover what wasn’t working for me. I needed a safe container to explore those questions.  Lane’s encouragement helped me make shifts in my behavior and listen to my body even when it was greatly uncomfortable, because she’s somebody I grew to trust deeply, and I knew I could lean on her. Even from across the country, Lane’s presence helped me through many substantial life transitions. While I’ve gained invaluable new perspective, the most important skill I’ve learned is the ability to listen to myself. I will be forever grateful to Lane for the progress in my life this past year.

Samantha G. Esq., New York, New York

Lane is amazing! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for being there for our recruits! Love and light.

Kristine L. Demafeliz, Chief of Staff — Wellness Champion at PHQ