Being an Entrepreneur.

I am here at home with my mother, as my husband is away with the fishes.  Oh, how I wish I were with the fish… anyway.  Today I’ve come to to this… and I will share it with you.  Being an entrepreneur is not always what it’s cracked up to be, especially when you are like me, who is always demanding more of myself.  People are constantly asking me what I do, and I tell them I am about to launch a company and they say, “Oh you are so lucky, you don’t have a boss… you work for yourself… how great!”  Immediately I have a reaction, I shriek inside.  Being an entrepreneur is not about luck, being a boss, or making lots of money.  Working for myself means I don’t make money unless I am hired, have a product that is bringing value to someone (and they want to purchase it), or someone thinks I deserve a payment for my kick*** service.  Working for myself means a lot of hours of alone time.  It also means that I have to constantly be in action, and I have to be accountable to my calendar!


I am constantly setting reminders and checking my calendar.  It seems crazy but it works.  My husband is a huge fan of time management.  He has been working solo for years, and I have always been baffled at how he gets anything done.  He sits in his office all day long and works, checking items off his list.  I on the other hand can become completely distracted by the ping pong game that I have going on in my head of what to do next, or is there another way to do this…  crazy.

One more thought about this entrepreneur journey, I often find it to be a bit of a curse because there are so many things I want to do, and create.  Most of them I do, which is good, but not all are successful in the sense of how I want them or expect them to turn out or be.  I am going to step out and give myself credit for being successful because as an entrepreneur I keep on creating and living in this lifestyle, which in my opinion is HARD!  A very successful friend of mine says, “If you have ‘entrepreneur’ in your linkedin profile I automatically replace it with douchebag, in my head. I am not sure why.”  I will tell you why… (it’s CRAZY making).  We are people who don’t make sense, we think differently, we are people who keep trying even after losing.

I could continue but I won’t.  These are my thoughts for the day.

Keep dreaming.

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