Simple Guide to DNA

Simple Guide to DNA with Lane Kennedy

Maybe you’re hearing a lot about DNA or genetics these days, from using it to find out where your ancestors came from to testing for specific diseases. But what genes are, what the study of genetics covers, and how genetics can be used as an impactful health recommendations tool is still somewhat a mystery to most.

What I’ve discovered is the value of knowing your genes, and I want to share it with you. Here’s a quick guide to genetics and how it can lead you to optimal health.

What are genes?

Genes are bits of code found in our DNA that carry and create our various unique traits.

Exciting News – What should I know about my DNA?

I mention DNA a lot, mindfulness too, and meditation because, you know, it’s these three things that have changed my life from a mediocre hum drum stagnant life to a robust I can’t wait to jump out of bed life!

Your genes are unique. They tell the story of you, and only you; no one else has ever had the same genetic makeup. That’s awesome because instead of doing what works okay for most, you can do what works best for you.


  • Healthy heart – find out how your genes are supporting your heart health and how you can support your cardiovascular system.

  • Weight Loss – your genes have a big role to play in how your body manages weight; learn insights to help you manage your weight intelligently.

  • Hormones – find out how well your hormones work and get insights about whether you should be avoiding taking hormones, such as the contraceptive pill or testosterone.

orgasmic Meditation Is Real

orgasmic Meditation Is Real

Okay, let’s talk about S><E><X. Over on the Now What Society podcast this week, we have several special guests talking about SEX and all that goes along with it and, of course, pleasure! Many women don’t discuss or bring up this topic with their partners or friends because, as a society, we have been conditioned that sex is taboo or sinful. Women have been shamed or abused, or even neglected sexually. In our society and culture today in 2022, sexual identity and sexual acts are becoming fluid, open, and available to all – I have to say, it’s delightful to see a shift in society and to be able to share these episodes with you.

Sex is for everyone.

Reducing Anxiety: My Experiment with Going Offline”

"Reducing Anxiety: My Experiment with Going Offline"

Last week I admitted to being anxious, yep me. It was hard to say out loud, but the truth is that being on the computer all day and being social on social platforms on the internet has me wound up in a tight ball. I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit.

I’m a mindfulness teacher. A meditation teacher, a hypnotherapist. A fricking DNA enthusiast who supports women in coming home to themselves, I’m not about being online all day. NO. My body aches from it; my mind becomes like sludge, and my personality goes dark. It’s really NOT good.

My Secret To A Life Well Lived: DNA Analysis

Infrared Saunas: The Ultimate Tool for Relaxation and Happiness

When I discovered that I was a little off, in my 2nd year of recovery, and when I say off… I mean, my circuitry wasn’t quite firing. My hormones were not regulating my cycle, my mood, my weight, sleep, all of it. My hair was falling out; my skin was a strange tint of yellow, and my eyes were red; it was odd… The good news was I was sober and had the grace and gumption to ask for help. I sought out the best doctor’s advice, and to no avail, they returned with a stamp of A.I.D.S., which meant Auto Immune Disorder Syndrome. I was one of the first to be recognized with this syndrome. I needed more answers, I began to study everything, and this is when I discovered hormones, which then led me to my DNA!

10 Eye-Opening reasons to hire a sober life coach

What are Essential Oils and the Benefits of Using Them

Over the years of my recovery, I’ve seen this incredible movement supporting positive awareness of addiction, breaking the stigma of alcoholism, sobriety, people moving towards an alcohol-free lifestyle, and living in recovery—which is, in my opinion, fantastic! When I first found the sober path, it was stated over and over to be anonymous to “sit still and work with others,” “pass it on,“ and “in order to keep it, you give it away”. All of this was taken under the pretense that the care of my mental health and those of hundreds and thousands and millions of others who walk before me were all guided by true allies and the principle of altruism. {WHAT? HOW?}

3 Ways to Invest in Your Recovery

should You Invest in Recovery?

Should you invest in recovery? This episode is with cohost, Tom Gentry my friend and host of The Path To Authenticity who lives in long-term recovery as well!

Why Is Commitment Important in Love?

Why Is Commitment Important in Love? with Lane Kennedy

Commitment is one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Without it, you cannot build a strong or long-lasting bond with someone else, which means that your love might just dissipate after some time due to a lack of commitment from either party involved.