day by day.

I LOVE MY MIDWIFE… indeed I do, she is great.

I was really hesitant about the whole midwife, hippy dippy living in the 70s idea… but now that I am here, in it.  I love it.

BUT here are some tips that I want to share in regards to finding a midwife…

THE INTERVIEW!  Ask questions!  How many babes has she delivered?  Any complications, and how did she deal with them?  How many other mamas is she working with at the moment and during your guess date of baby’s arrival.  What does she do when the baby is late?  Who is on her team, does she have a team?  Where did she get her training, and who is she affiliated with, and for how long?  How does she approach working with a hospital if you need to be transported for complications…

Inquire into your mind how you want to be treated, have her place her hands on your belly, that is if you feel somewhat connected to her to see if she feels right.  I promise your baby will let you know if she is right… at least mine did!  Pay attention to how she handles your belly, how does she speak with you, your baby?  Really, all of this matters… you are facing one of the most important times in your life, and you want your team to be perfect, and more importantly you will want to be feeling safe and comfortable.

I’m on my way out the door to walk… and walk.  It’s a beautiful day here in San Francisco, and if I’m lucky enough he may show up; otherwise it’s just another great day to walk to smell the trees and see the beauty of the green!