National Coach Academy Coach Interview Series: Lane Kennedy

It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Brandon Baker from the Life Coach Path. See the interview sneak peek below. Coach Interview Series: Lane Kennedy Our main objective here at the National Coach Academy is to enable aspiring coaches to reach their full professional potential. One of the most effective ways to educate students … Read more

What is the Vagus Nerve?

Tell me about the Vagus Nerve and why I should care… You probably wouldn’t have guessed it from looking at my smiling face, and when I’m sharing about sleep on Facebook, but for years now, I have struggled through my daily life with a big dose of chronic pain. On bad days my pain has … Read more

Will Meditation Get Me What I Want In Life?

My life ended up taking quite the different turn to the one I expected. As a model I was travelling the world, meeting new and exciting people and working crazy hours. I loved my life but before I had even stepped away from the camera and clothes I had my hands in a number of businesses like a kid mixing colors while finger painting and it soon became obvious that being a model wasn’t the end of the road for me – it was a launching pad.


I don’t think enough people talk about their failings, their troubles, and the things that they are threatened by in their lives!  There have been so many failings that have torn me apart in my life, and fortunately for me, I have always trusted that there is some good reason for it… even in the darkest hours.

kids growth and business nuance

taking time to watch a kid grow is priceless.  i am filled with gratitude on a regular basis as i watch my son’s life shape.  there are so many details and subtle nuances every day, i am so happy that i haven’t missed him …  jumping on one leg, brushing his teeth, learning to blow his own nose, holding his own cup, picking up food, coloring, pulling his pants down to use the potty, reading words, and then sentences, now pages and books!  incredible.

being a mom, simply rocks!   

now having said all that i still have to be focused on business and what it is that i excel at, which is helping others!   

back to business exercise:  go to your handy-dandy composition book, your assignment for the moment is too write down all the nuances of your business, what makes you unique, how about priceless?  Go do it, have fun.  

balance exercise:  spend 5 minutes scanning old photos in y our phone or even on your computer, ok, go do it, remember what it felt like when your kiddo was … just born, learning to walk, or sleeping soundly.  enjoy.







Kale and more kale!

photo I love kale and I try to use it everywhere… Basically I bought 1/2 of a whole chicken – de skinned it. Placed in crock pot with water, stock and cannellini beans that I had soaked over night. (Enough to cover all ingredients) 4 carrots 1 onion 5-6 fresh sprigs of thyme – can’t … Read more