Kale and more kale!



I love kale and I try to use it everywhere…

Basically I bought 1/2 of a whole chicken – de skinned it.
Placed in crock pot with water, stock and cannellini beans that I had soaked over night. (Enough to cover all ingredients) 4 carrots
1 onion
5-6 fresh sprigs of thyme – can’t remember.
3 large cloves of garlic that I smashed.
1-2 tsp salt — I just throw it in there, so I’m not sure.
Oh and a couple of shakes of cumin.

Let that all cook on high for about 6 hours — then removed chicken pieces — tried to keep bones in the pot for more flavor. Cook for another 1.5 hours add chicken back in– then add chopped kale! I used Dino Kale for soups and such — hearty! Turn it down to low and viola!
Eat at leisure!

One huge note— check your beans and how they are cooking– or you might prefer a different consistency… Watch the heat. Some pots cook a lot faster– I have this old school Hamilton that I’ve had for years. I hear the new crocks work very differently…