Holiday time.

I was just thinking about time and how these days this element is the one commodity in which we all lack!  

Are you tired?  Are you overwhelmed?  Not sure what to do next?

I believe that we women have to start owning more of our days, more of our time!  We have to make them ours, completely.  Other people in our lives should not be driving how we live.  I have heard from 1000s of women in conversations and in emails that most women are indeed driven from a TO-DO list and their reminders on Siri.  

What’s really on those list?  Usually other people’s agendas, needs, desires.  Let’s think about this for minute.

Yesterday I asked friends of mine to send me their holiday time list, here are a few:

My friend Charlotte, mother of two, business owner and dog owner.  The site of her list overwhelmed me!


My other friend Mary, has just as much to do.  


On both of these list there is not one item, for the woman running around doing the list. CRAZY. Every item is for the house, kids, family… yes these are all apart of her life but none specifically for her.  

Is your list like this as well?  Are you running from the moment you wake up to the moment you sit down at night doing for others?  Here comes a big question… 


Yes, there are responsibilities, but are they all paying off at the end of the day?  Are they all necessary?  Are they healthy choices?  Are they placed on the list so other people don’t have to worry, because YOU’VE got it all together?  

 A boss of mine used to say, “Time is of the essence, Lane”.  I was charging him $375.00 an hour, so yes, time was important, to me and him.  TIme is ours, it’s precious.  I want you to think about this, I want you to think about time like this:


Next Tuesday, December 23rd at Noon PST I will be doing a Straightforward Session webinar on our “time” and how to step into owning it on your terms.  Join me!

In the Webinar I will cover:

how to break down your daily activities

why the “B” word,  should be removed from your vocabulary

who are your lovies and why we need them 

define your essentials and how to use them to benefit you