Goal Setting, Resolutions, and Being.

Want to Start jumping out of Planes?  Change your job?  Get 19 days of Straightforward Living free in your inbox now! I think.  Too much.  Seriously. It’s a new year and with new years usually big expectations.  What happens to you when you don’t make the resolution?  How often do you succeed?  I am so … Read more

Confessions Confessions Oh My. 30 Days to a Clean Conscience~

I have been thinking quite a bit about keeping things in order, which includes my brain!  It can become very busy up there, and I don’t like that.  I like it when I’m free, and I can think clearly.  In order for me to think clearly I have learned that there are a few things … Read more

I gained 12 pounds! (I admit.)

Opps! Who wants to talk about weight and how they feel in their jeans?  Certainly not me… but when it comes to my current situation… I want you to know about it. I am a huge fan of eating right, and treating my body with respect, especially after being diagnosed with no name Autoimmune Disorder … Read more

Spiritual Interventions and Life

A friend of mine celebrated a birthday recently and left me this message, “Lane, I can’t believe I’m this old. What’s happening? I’m not getting anything done.  I should…”   After I heard the message, the words kept bouncing around my head. I got a little empathetic because I’m familiar with the “I should…” statement. … Read more