orgasmic Meditation Is Real

orgasmic Meditation Is Real

Did you know that this month I’m offline? And I already feel better; it’s only been three days, wow.

Over the next 30 days, I will be head down in books – learning, listening, and creating programming for The Now What Society. If you haven’t joined, now is the time for orgasmic Meditation.

Okay, let’s talk about S><E><X. Over on the Now What Society podcast this week, we have several special guests talking about SEX and all that goes along with it and, of course, pleasure! Many women don’t discuss or bring up this topic with their partners or friends because, as a society, we have been conditioned that sex is taboo or sinful. Women have been shamed or abused, or even neglected sexually. In our society and culture today in 2022, sexual identity and sexual acts are becoming fluid, open, and available to all – I have to say, it’s delightful to see a shift in society and to be able to share these episodes with you.

Sex is for everyone.

Did you know that 55% of people feel they have “traditional” sex lives, and of them, 3 in 10 would like something more adventurous? Are you one of those 3? Or are you in the majority?

Several years back, as I was investigating different practices and wasn’t really “feeling” it in my marriage, I prayed that something would change. About a year, or maybe it was eighteen months into praying I changed the prayer; I asked to be awakened and change my experiences to manifest deeper meaning in my life. Soon after that, the Ocean of Yum was discovered. I experienced a full-body orgasm while meditating. I came out of the meditation confused, a little embarrassed, shocked, and completely awake. I soon found out that this is actually a thing, that humans can actually have full-body orgasms without any touching or another person being involved or present.

It’s all about understanding the bodies of our being, our spirit. When I became a Yoga Nidra Guide, I learned about the five bodies, the physical layer, or annamayakosha, pranamaya kosha, the “energy body, manomaya kosha, the “mind-body, vijnanamaya kosha, the “wisdom body,” and anandamaya kosha, or “bliss body.

None of this information really meant much to me until I was creatively and emotionally blocked and felt like my life was dull and falling apart. I scheduled and had a one-on-one session with my teacher and everything changed. She guided me through the bodies; it’s these bodies, these bodies of energy, that guide our lives. It’s when these bodies are in alignment we can reach full orgasm in a deeply meditative practice without touching or having a partner.

How do we do that, Lane?

Practice, practice, practice. Learn about your being, your body, and your desires, even your secret desires. Allow yourself a day of indulgence; maybe you don’t even know what that means, or maybe you are critically judging yourself for not knowing or questioning your sex life; it’s okay. Today, just for today, be open-minded and listen to the episodes this week and learn a little or a lot!

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I will be back next week with more awesomeness and ideas on how to live your best life without compromise. You’ve got this!

big hugs.

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