My Secret To A Life Well Lived: DNA Analysis

Infrared Saunas: The Ultimate Tool for Relaxation and Happiness

When I discovered that I was a little off, in my 2nd year of recovery, and when I say off… I mean, my circuitry wasn’t quite firing. My hormones were not regulating my cycle, my mood, my weight, sleep, all of it. My hair was falling out; my skin was a strange tint of yellow, and my eyes were red; it was odd… The good news was I was sober and had the grace and gumption to ask for help. I sought out the best doctor’s advice, and to no avail, they returned with a stamp of A.I.D.S., which meant Auto Immune Disorder Syndrome. I was one of the first to be recognized with this syndrome. I needed more answers, I began to study everything, and this is when I discovered hormones, which then led me to my DNA!