[vimeo 6040184 w=400 h=300]

They are married.  Yipeee.  I love my dad!  You can see me, well you can see my mom’s tummy, where I’m living now.  She looks okay in her wedding dress, not bad with me hanging out in front of her.  My dad looks great, as always.

You can will also see some of my parent’s friends, they only had 20 guest, small gathering, on the fly they like to call it.  This was the fourth time in trying to plan the actual day… With my surprise announcement back in March… they really had no idea when they were going to be able to tie the knot.  They got lucky on this day, August 2, 2009.  The weather was a bit overcast but hey, we live in San Francisco and it is the summer time.

I can’t wait to meet you all soon, my countdown is really here, there is something like 90 days left!  Enjoy the video.  I love my mom and dad!