the dog

Is it possible to hate a dog?  I mean, I don’t hate him; I am just so very tired of him.  He is a rather large dog, an Argentinean Dogo and he is incredibly headstrong, stubborn.  We have hardwood floors and he has nails, we keep them clipped but they still click, click on the floors every moment he walks around, it drives me crazy.  He is also old, which makes him a little off… as in he will not really listen when he should, and he walks around in circles, hence the click, click, click.  Stupid.  I realize that this should not get to me; I realize I should just accept the animal; I use to really love him.  He was and is an extension of my husband, I love my husband, but now… as the days pass, the years go by and the brain in his head is deteriorating I am going crazy.  I went so far as to find out when his expiration date would hit… at least another year!  I can’t imagine being as old as him, and have someone like me around yelling at him.  Well, no I don’t actually yell at him, I raise my voice, a lot.  Argh.  I wish I could be a better caretaker, as this dog grows old!  I want to be a better person around this part of my life… please help!!!

Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.  Maybe I will start to pray; yes prayer has worked in the past it will have to work now as well! More days will pass, and I will have to surrender that this little giant of a dog is here in this house, with us to live until he passes.