Ella’s Diner

I have to say that every time I go here I am happy! Before having our son, Adrian, my husband and I would saunter over to Ella’s for brunch at 11 or so on Sunday’s… now we get there when they open: 8:30 sharp. NO line, no waiting. There are some bonuses to having a child who wakes up early…

Brunch is perfect here! Coffee is excellent. Strong. And the egg concoctions with, polenta, fontina, shitake mushrooms, red peppers, OH MY! Not to mention the ultimate in baked goods, with muy grande pancakes, freshly baked biscuits, ummm and the sticky buns! Forget about it. The menu is off the charts, perfect for my taste buds. Although I will say this: it is a bit pricey, and they just started charging extra for the fruit salad…

When we arrive, the host or server doesn’t even flinch with the sight of the stroller! They invite us in and make room, then provide a highchair for the ones who can sit by themselves. On top of that warm reception they delightfully hand over to the little one a bag of toys which includes dinosaurs, robots, and penguins! They always seem to have more toys for more kids as they arrive. (Nice touch.)

Food here has always been served HOT, service has always been with a smile, even when I was being the most difficult, and upon our return,a smile and hot coffee. I have to say this is one of the most kid-friendly eating establishments this city has to offer!

I’m handing them a 9… Enjoy.