building a team on a budget

A shoestring budget, where did that saying come from?  According to this Geek,                  “The terms shoestring budget and living on a shoestring are thought to be  related to shoestring gambler or a gambling game. The gambling references were recorded as being used as early as 1804. Another popular theory is that since shoestrings or shoelaces are low to the ground, this is why the term is used to describe a low budget. Shoestrings are also very inexpensive, so the idea of only having enough money to buy shoelaces may also be part of the name.”  Now, having set that straight for myself, I take the time to realize that this entrepreneur, ME… I am on a shoestring budget, definitely!   Considering my financial status and the scope and depth of this project I have to be WISE when spending money and even wiser where it comes time to spend more money as appropriate.  I turn back four years to, Tim Ferris!