I don’t think enough people talk about their failings, their troubles, and the things that they are threatened by in their lives!  There have been so many failings that have torn me apart in my life, and fortunately for me, I have always trusted that there is some good reason for it… even in the darkest hours.  I believe in simplicity and good nature, I believe that there is enough for everyone and if we keep walking, keep on with persistence, life will work itself out for me, for us.

Today I realized that I needed to let go of this video that I have been sitting on for almost a month!  Maybe I wasn’t ready to see it myself, maybe it just took me some time to completely move on… or quite possibly I just don’t care any longer.  The point is that failure has lead me, once again to a sense of freedom and total acceptance of my imperfections and the true possibilities that keep evolving as I keep walking forward!

Thank Goodness. 

Over and Out til Next time.