Confession Day 3 of 30


This is a really simple day for confesssion. 

I confess to wanting to be a street musician.  Seriously.  I am completely in love with every street performer I run into, well, if they sound good; I get a little obsessed with them.  I love them, yes! In particular I admire the young kids who lug around their cases, find a corner, open up their case and pull out their beautiful violin or stand up bass at go at it, playing their hearts desire.  I watch them in total awe.  I have sat for hours listening to street performers.  In Barcelona last year there was an amazing trio in one alley and then in the next court an opera singer, all of them absolutely jaw dropping good.  I am positive that you would pay top dollar to listen to them in a fancy auditorium here in the States!


Maybe I should dare myself to do something about this obsession of mine… actually it’s more of a fantasy so I guess I don’t need to DO anything about it.  I will simply keep enjoying and keep throwing in dollar bills to support these fabulous, brave musical souls who inspire me.  In my next life I hope to have a musical bone bestowed upon me!  

What’s your confession today?