Goal Setting, Resolutions, and Being.

Want to Start jumping out of Planes?  Change your job?  Get 19 days of Straightforward Living free in your inbox now! I think.  Too much.  Seriously. It’s a new year and with new years usually big expectations.  What happens to you when you don’t make the resolution?  How often do you succeed?  I am so … Read more

where the heck am I?

“How do I put myself first and get what I need done when it comes to my body and mind?”  

Ladies, this is such a common issue, challenge, call it what it is… but in today’s world we are in overdrive from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall back into bed at night.  What I realize after years of juggling and hustling is that putting myself first is priority. I can honestly say that I have learned from the inside out that if I am not putting my body and mind first then I slowly deteriorate from the inside out!

Confession Day 7 of 30

Today I was with a wonderful woman and had the opportunity to share some hope around motherhood.  Here goes nothing. I confess that I am not the perfect mother.   Actually I am FAR from perfect.  I have never been the mother who loves playing trains or taking a cardboard box and creating a rocket. … Read more

Confessions Confessions Oh My. 30 Days to a Clean Conscience~

I have been thinking quite a bit about keeping things in order, which includes my brain!  It can become very busy up there, and I don’t like that.  I like it when I’m free, and I can think clearly.  In order for me to think clearly I have learned that there are a few things … Read more