How do I get my item into a Brand Big Box Store!

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This weeks Straightforward Moment comes from Chana Wood from Sugar Wood, the most delicious baked treats you will want to take a bite out of … she posted in our Facebook group and I came up with this Straightforward Answer.  You ready for it?  Listen in and then read the recap.

Now I did mention that Andreea Ayers helped me out with this episode and you can find out more about her and how she helps women change the world over here at Launch. Grow. Joy!

Recap:  How am I going to make an impact when sending to a big brand box store?  What do I send?  

Quick answer:  

  1. Find Buyer — need help with that?  Listen here.  Contact them first to see if they actually are looking for what you sell, and if they are not,  ASK who the correct person and tell them how happy and grateful you would be if they introduced you!
  2. Put together your package… make it look spectacular.  (make sure to include your contact information, I know this is a no brainer… )
  3. After it has been received FOLLOW up — this is where your magic will happen. Listen in for details.
  4. Maker sure you have clearly Strategized your distribution funnels, that you have them in place and are ready for anything!

I hope this has helped in understanding a little more clearly with how to approach the BIG Box stores… Until next time!  Over and out.  

Oh and you could also listen to Andreea’s and my conversation here!