How Do I Get My Customers Attention?! Help.

How Do I Get My Customers Attention?! Help.

This weeks Straightforward Moment!  There were quite a few burning questions this week, several of you had the same quandary.

How do I get my customer’s attention for a call… What is a creative way to get their attention?  I have a great, engaged audience but I can’t seem to get them to take the action that I want… I want them to: call me for my free call, my webinar, sign up for my “XYZ” — I know they need it…   

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Now I am completely paraphrasing the question/comments that were left over in the Group but I believe the “jest” of it is: “HOW do I get them to pay attention to me… and take action.”


This weeks Straightforward Moment is about grabbing attention and inducing your client(s) to take action, an action that you think they need…  which begs me to ask you… do they actually need the call?  Does this call, or action that you are requesting actually serve them?

Is this call (action), truth be told, for them or you?  I ask this because if it’s for you, then no one is going to jump on the call… I mean, there may be a few… but not likely who you are looking for… let me go a little deeper into this. How Do I Get My Customer’s Attention?! Help.


A while back a lot of people were ending their emails with, “Hey tell me what your biggest pain point/struggle is/obstacle is… tell me… tell me…”

Audiences/customers started to see that tactic everywhere.  As a customer it becomes overwhelming to be asked what pain point,  issue, or what the biggest challenge is over and over.  The customer is being forced to think about their PROBLEM.  WHO WANTS to think about the problem… NO ONE.  The customer wants you to know their problem, and they want you to fix it, like magic.  The is why they keep coming back to you, this is why they signed up to listen to you in the fist place, they trust you.

Now as a service provider, it’s not my job to try and figure out what my client needs next by asking them to take me up on a FREE Strategy Call or whatever you may call it…  my job is to provide my clients with tools to use, now.  My job is to create solutions.

I can hear you saying, “But Lane if I don’t know their problem how can I solve it?”  YOU DO.  If you have been working with your niche for any reasonable amount of time, you know what makes them tick…  and what their pain points are… How Do I Get My Customer’s Attention?! Help.  if you don’t, then you need to do more homework on them, create original conversations with them to learn more about them and then ask with assurance and clarity.  (I bet it won’t be a free call that you ask them for… )

What else can you do… to help them?  Think creatively.  Think differently.  Don’t be like everyone else on the web right now.  

Think of their PAIN POINT, (get into their brain, their life).  How are you going to solve it.  How are you going to make it better — QUICK.  This is what you want to give to them in exchange for the call… ((if you really need them on the call….))  time is of the essence here ladies, we all lack it.

***How can you break someone’s pattern on how they react to your email and all the marketing that your client is being bombarded with…. The brain is keen on messages and messaging, we learn quickly… we see something once, twice and then we are used to it… so what can you do that is different than everyone else?   This is a million dollar question. 

I dare you to use the element of surprise in your next message or conversation that you have with your audience.  Surprise tickles the brain, it makes us think differently, and ultimately we can then pay attention, to YOU. How Do I Get My Customer’s Attention?! Help.

Can you create something interesting that is unexpected… something out of the ordinary for them instead of simply stating the same tactic as everyone else on the internet these days “Call me for a free 15-minute session” “Sign up for my free webinar” Etc…? Teach them something with a fun and surprising story about when you were 17 and homecoming runner up, or when you were getting married and eloped, or when you split your pants or ….  You are brilliant you can do this; connect with your customers and they will take your actions if you are providing the solution to their pain point!

One more thought… You can never get someone’s attention with simple text, it’s boring.  But when you introduce a visual stimuli to the brain, which our reptilian brain loves, it will react to it… you can then make them take an action if you have caused enough curiosity.  ((( More to come on this topic next week )))

This weeks Question delightfully provided by the following awesome SF Ladies :  (( All brilliant businesswomen on simple missions to help women change their world!  GO check them out NOW.))

Trudy Simmons of THE DAISY CHAIN Accountability

Ashley Srokosz of the Calm Mom Challenge!

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