What kind of people are in your life?

I recently realized that I have some amazing people in my life, who make my life much more easier to handle, now.

Being a mom, and an entrepreneur demands constant attention to details, (now I’m not saying that this is the only job that demands critical attention… I’m just making a note) emails, line items, budgets, and I’m often dealing with a lot of personalities… and my son.  This can be tricky, daunting and completely exhausting.  Good news is that I have some amazing people in my life that tow the line for me when I’m in trouble, which is so nice!

About a two years ago, I had an awakening around relationships… and people.  They(people) are not always what I want them to be, and as a result of my convoluted yet, wishful thinking I am let down by people who I thought were one way, and actually in the end were not that way at ALL!  I want so badly for people to do good, be kind, and do the right thing, to be supportive, handle situations which can be tough or awkward… but what I have realized is that NOT everyone is on the same spiritual, business, friend, OR  life page as I am… and this is, and has to be OKAY.

What do I do, what did I do… I cleared the path for others, I said see ya later to the “no-shows” AND THEN LIFE FELT EASIER… Are you holding onto someone?  Let go!  I tell you it will feel amazing.

Keep dreaming.