where the heck am I?

Los Angeles.  What a time suck.  Seriously, every time I end up here I am reminded of how incredibly grateful I am that I have moved to a city with less traffic!  Thank you San Francisco.

I fell off the map with my confessions. 


Well, I started the confession process to uncover more of my life, but as I got into it I realized that I didn’t need to do that in a confession format.  I mean if you are here reading my blog, then you most likely know some elements of my life. You are here to uncover something to help you in your life, so I don’t need to be indulging in confessions…  


Today’s thoughts on what you ask me about… Here is a questions that Victoria asked me, and honestly I love this question!

“How do I put myself first and get what I need done when it comes to my body and mind?” 

Ladies, this is such a common issue, challenge, call it what it is… but in today’s world we are in overdrive from the moment we wake up to the moment we fall back into bed at night.  What I realize after years of juggling and hustling is that putting myself first is priority. I can honestly say that I have learned from the inside out that if I am not putting my body and mind first then I slowly deteriorate from the inside out!

When I give talks on time management and being Straightforward I always bring up the airline stewards/ess example. You know exactly what I am talking about, “Please put on your oxygen mask first then assist someone else!”  This simple sentence saves lives, changes lives, and allows us to be better women.  When I place my mask on I can help my son, I can help the woman next to me, I can multitask!  I really want you to consider how simple this statement is and how these instructions will transform your life.  In practical matters the first step is simply making a decision that you matter, that you are first for the betterment of humanity! 🙂  The second step is merely creating a list of what you NEED to care for your body and soul.  The third step is following through with taking action everyday.  You’ve got this!

I dare you to put the oxygen mask on and keep it on for a day, better yet a week!  Put it on and help yourself first, whatever that means to you.  Maybe you meditate for 20 minutes before going into the office, or maybe you take the time to make a smoothie, or what about taking an extra five minutes in the shower?!  I will bet that not only will you feel better, your friends and family will thank you for it.  

Keep track with this handy guide I want to know what changes!  


Yes I want One!