Guilty pleasures?

When I ask people about their guilty pleasures, more than not, they freak out, their eyes pop open like a chipmunk and say “Uh, I don’t know”.  I ask again.  Then I get an answer, I’m not always sure if it’s real, or if they’re just making something up, fearful of what others would think of their real guilty pleasure.  

We all have them, we all need them.  I completely support the guilty pleasure! Now I’m not saying that we have to live in them.  We would never want to indulge in a pound of chocolate every day, or shop online until we are broke, but guilty pleasures are a must.  They bring us more than happiness, they bring us a moment of pleasure.  WE need pleasure!  God knows we aren’t all gettin’ enough of it these days with how fast the world is moving!  

I personally, love those silly magazine, the ones with drama spread all over the front cover, in particular there was one with Kim Kardashian’s rear end and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at it, she didn’t look real.  I bought it.  I laughed.  I still laugh at it — it’s so funny.  My other guilty pleasure is my little Penny, my manicurist, who is actually a great masseuse.  I go to her for 2 hours of no nonsense quiet time, she massages me exactly the way I love it and I never have to say anything.  Not saying a word for two hours is heavenly, I love that too.  When it’s over she wraps me up in hot towels and says “Ms. Lane would you like anything else?”  I always smile, and say, “Thank you, that was perfect.” Yes, I love taking care of myself in these small unapologetic measures they change my DNA, they help me be a better woman in the world.  I am just gonna say, YES, yes, yes to myself.   Say yes to yourself!

What is your guilty pleasure?  What gives you a lift in your step, what are you doing these days to keep your sanity, your laughter, your sense of who you are?  Tell me.  

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