Video Presence and Charisma. I Am Extremely Passionate about…

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Are you promoting yourself with video, with audio with anything visual?  I don’t know if it’s me but when it comes to watching people, I want them to look good, I want them to make an impression on me, and usually I want that impression to be GOOD.  Basic right? Not so these days.  There are so many people out in the world today, thinking they are the next Joan Rivers, the next Oprah, the next Ellen, or whoever.  They pop on a camera and start recording…  no training, no practice.  This makes me crazy.  Being in front of a camera isn’t easy.  I was behind a camera for 20 years, at first it was horrible.  I was so uncomfortable, pathetic actually.  STIFF and DUMB.  It took me time, a coach, and thousands of hours to have the ability to jump behind a camera and be, talk and feel comfortable enough to to convey a message.  Practice.  Practice. video Presence and Charisma. I Am Extremely Passionate about

Something else I will mention, (again…) please don’t get behind a camera because you think it’s important and that’s what everyone else is doing in their business.  Are you everyone else?   Will getting behind a camera make or break your business?  Will getting behind a camera make a profound impact on your tribe… when you stink at being on camera?  Think about that.  We humans are extremely intelligent beings when it comes to watching something, we are able to pick up on everything. Nerves, tension, confusion, all of those emotions are held in our bodies and translate into small micro-actions, or gestures that we make while on camera. The person watching is not actually sitting in front of you, so they don’t have the opportunity to communicate with you and ask if you are nervous, or confused;  what they will do is read into those gestures and cues differently from what you want or expect. video Presence and Charisma. I Am Extremely Passionate about they will see your expressionless face, they’ll see your overconfident eyes, your half-crooked smile, and it won’t compute, it will make the wrong impression on them.  While you seem good-intentioned, have a heart of gold, excellent content (or what you are trying to deliver is of utmost importance to them… ) your body and actions are not camera ready.

I want you to be camera ready.  I want you to thrive.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice.   Write down what you are going to say, turn on the camera and practice for two weeks before you are going to do it live.  Find someone to sit with you and go over your material and question you, poke at you while you are on camera. This is just a taste of what you can do to begin on the journey of having a strong presence, making an impact, and creating more charisma!

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Today’s episode is all about making an impact, in a good way. 

Keep going after what you want don’t stop, I won’t.  Let’s continue, we need each other to thrive.  Carry on.  Until next time, enjoy the moment.