Beginning of a permission slip.

Speaking up and owning who you are and what you are doing is key to success.  Sharing your message with the world, has to be done, done by you. NO ONE ELSE. Stop asking, “How do I make an impact on the world…”  Start taking action and saying yes to your life, on your terms.

Asking for what you want!

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Video Presence and Charisma. I Am Extremely Passionate about…

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The art of networking & World Domination

As a young child I had what people called a presence.  As I grew up I would be the girl who would be driving the car before I was of age, and purchasing the beer with either no ID or the fake ID.  (And if that didn’t work, I was the one asking the older boys to buy…)  I always got what I wanted because I was always able to ask, I truly cared for people and I was nice.  But as the years passed by it became more and more challenging to carry this presence with me.  I started modeling and life became weird, it was about who you knew, who knew you, and your networking abilities.