that happy place.

a little bit of yum
I was thinking yesterday about that place, that place where we want to live all the time.  I call mine the happy place.  It’s in my dreams.

I want to take note of what brings me to this place… just in case I forget.  (My memory is so bad now, will this change?  I so hope so!@!)

  1. it’s licking the spoon after making chocolate mousse or fresh whip cream
  2. after a long day – collapsing into bed
  3. fresh sheets
  4. the smell of jasmine while walking on the street
  5. watching my son concentrate on a new skill
  6. finding and drinking the perfect cup of coffee-not an easy task to accomplish these days
  7. a salami sandwhich with shredded lettuce and tomatoes
  8. warm sand below my feet
  9. a walk with my dog
  10. listening to my husband articulate a word that is wrong

I am going to leave room to come back too!