Really, Mother’s Day?

mama's day, reallyWhy was mother’s day created?
Today was mother’s day and although I would have liked to be very excited about it, it was a sucky day. Yes, I said sucky. Maybe I’m unclear what this day is suppose to be like, maybe my expectations are set too high? But there was no card, no chocolate and no flowers. I was on duty all day and made the decision to be with my child when he decided not to sleep… We are currently on holiday, well, it’s not a holiday; let me rephrase that, it’s a family visit. I don’t really like travelling currently, because honestly it is overwhelming. I become the total disaster mom and wife, as nothing is in order. I like order. I like when my son sleeps and eats on time, I like him to be in a good mood, not challenging on me or anyone else he is with. I also like my bed, although currently I’m not sleeping at night so it shouldn’t really matter. I never thought that this would be me, that I would want to be at home, or that I would prefer that space. What has happened to me?
Back to mother’s day, I sent out at least fifteen text to all the mama’s I know and I got all my love via the phone, text… and messages. Thank goodness someone noticed that this was an important day, (it’s too bad that it’s not my husband) I even got one message that said something like this, “I hope that you are being recognized and celebrated for all you do for your family, you are a great mom.”

I guess I should just remember to be grateful for that message, and to be grateful for my son who I absolutely love and adore, for without him I would not have this bloody holiday to even think about!

Another thought… Maybe next mother’s day I will go away, on my own and celebrate alone.

Could someone please tell me why we have this day, I know I can’t be alone in this…