red red red

When I have nothing to say, I sit quietly and listen.  I was listening to a conversation the other day that made me re-think beauty and what that means.  I watch so many girls and women struggle with the term,  beautiful and, she is so beautiful.  Aren’t we all so beautiful?  Where did we go … Read more

My delayed post on the New York Times Article… VC’s are you paying attention?

I am most certain if you are a woman, a mom, a momprenuer, an entrepreneur who is creating, building or doing a business you read this article.  When it first hit I read it, then a day later I posted in on my FB page, and now more thinking has gone into this and here … Read more

I think I left the planet

Holiday, came and gone, and so was I.  I woke up today, sore, sore neck, sore back and a sore throat, great just what I need on my first day back from holiday. Let’s talk about holidays for a moment, Yes I will.  I am of the variety who loves to travel and relax, but … Read more

A mental health day-off

Last Friday I took a personal day… a leave of absence so to speak, or you could call it a mental health day.  I was sick of it, all of it.  Fortunately for me I have a wonderful friend who came to my house and gathered me and my bag for an overnight respite.  She … Read more