I think I left the planet

Holiday, came and gone, and so was I.  I woke up today, sore, sore neck, sore back and a sore throat, great just what I need on my first day back from holiday.

Let’s talk about holidays for a moment, Yes I will.  I am of the variety who loves to travel and relax, but I really do love making  my own tea, having my own toast, and being able to relax in multiple rooms if necessary.  We rent small houses or cottages when on holiday, and now with our son, we rent at least a two bedroom!  This holiday we went to Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles, I was thrilled to go away, I was looking forward to it.  I shared this with another mom, and she quietly under her breath said, oh sure that will be fun, that is no holiday at all… NOW I know the quiet slur turned out to be absolutely true.  When a mom goes on holiday with her family, she is not on holiday, her, my life continues to be a Full time mom, I still have to make breakfast, change diapers, bathe, play trains, blow bubbles and cuddle to bed for nap.  There are no breaks.

I now realize why my friend, Tracy once talked about the all-inclusive, which at the time I was horridfied to thing of or even consider… pre-made breakfast, crispy sheets, the smell of hotel curtains… no Blue Bottle Coffee…  Well, now after this ten day excursion I am shouting from the roof, YES ALL INCLUSIVE!  On our next trip I don’t want to do dishes, I don’t want to do laundry, I don’t even want to make a bed…  NOW that will be a holiday!  Wow, life has changed, indeed Lane.

Dreaming of the next holiday… June!